The best way to build your search presence? Quality content. But 47% of marketers say creating effective content is one of their biggest challenges.

Watch this on-demand webinar, hosted by Brafton’s own Senior Content marketing Strategist Hollie Farrahi and Marketing Director Katherine Griwert. The ladies give it to you straight, with tips to stop chasing the algorithms and instead build spam-proof strategy for keywords and content. You’ll see real-life examples and get tips to win search traffic that fuels your business growth. 

  • Find where “searchers” fits in your marketing cycle & how to to create content for THEM 
  • Use keywords in content effectively now that Hummingbird is loose 
  • Invest in formats that stand out and earn links post-Panda & Penguin 
  • Identify and measure your SEO success & marketing ROI

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