Over 90 percent of marketers use content marketing, but 69 percent struggle to execute the strategies they envision because they don’t have time. But how much time (and resource) is wasted because of an inefficient strategy? A smart content strategy gives marketers the foundation of materials to repurpose into a number of value-added formats, fueling a rich marketing campaign that benefits the entire sales funnel.

Brafton’s webinar covers how you can extend the life cycle of your content for agile marketing and stronger results.

Hosted by Brafton: Senior Director of Content Francis Ma and Marketing Director Katherine Griwert

This webinar shows you:

  • The best ways to get the most out of high-investment content
  • How a repurposing strategy is different from a promotional campaign
  • Tips to make the most of different media for high-impact repurposing
  • Which channels are the best for sharing different kinds of content
  • How to tell when the time is right to take content out of the archive

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