Who is checking out branded Pages? 45 percent of social users

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by Brafton Editorial
Forty-five percent of social users check out branded content on Facebook.

Social media marketers work to develop new strategies for sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and new data shows that their efforts are not in vain. Initiatives geared at the younger sect may be particularly powerful, according to a recent survey by Ipsos OTZ and Ipsos Global @dvisor.

Though 45 percent of respondents check out branded Facebook pages, 54 percent of those under 35 look to the social site for company content. They look for deals, new products and services, recommended businesses, restaurants to frequent and trips to take.

Virtually all brands can capitalize on how active users are on social sites, writing content, status updates and posts that reach Facebook’s 1 billion monthly active users. Marketers – take note. These numbers suggest that social media marketing campaigns for branded Pages are worthwhile.

Ipsos reported that creating and posting content regularly can help set brands apart, as users need something to work with and look at when they visit sites like Facebook.

“With so many people connecting with brands on social networking, it is important for brands to regularly create content to keep these “friends” engaged.” -Ipsos.

Branded social media initiatives have been a hot topic as of late, particularly on Facebook. Today’s release of the Facebook Card shows more opportunities for marketers who can’t afford to neglect building their brands on Facebook.

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