Blog Writing Services

Your blog is your brand.

At least, that’s how a first-time visitor sees it.

Our expert writing team can produce the high-quality, SEO-driven content your site needs and your audience deserves.

How We Make SEO Content That Delivers Results

We have more than 10 years of experience as the leading content marketing agency in North America, the UK and Australia. That’s given us ample time to develop and perfect an expert model of in-house content creation and blog writing services built on proprietary software, creative storytellers and hard metrics.

A typical Brafton blog post starts with data. Through analytics tracking, competitive analyses and industry conversations, we review what is currently performing and what has historically shown sustained results. We uncover searcher intent and collaborate with your team of business experts to scope out the topics that need to be written at that moment.

From there, we formulate campaigns centered on your core themes, marketing goals and target audience. We get the right eyes on the right content at the right moment. Our stance on blog content is simple: If it doesn’t serve a purpose, we don’t write it.

But our content services don’t only include blog writing. Our team of versatile writers can easily shift gears to create an informational article or thought leadership piece on your behalf. Blogs can contain opinion-based criteria and tend to be on the shorter side. Article writing, on the other hand, can be more complex, as it tends to involve SME interviews and data-driven research — resulting in a long-form piece of content that helps you establish thought leadership in your industry.

The bottom line: Whether it’s a blog based on keyword research or an in-depth article, our team can handle it.

Content Strategy Meets Commercial Goals

Blog articles are top-of-funnel assets intended to capture web traffic, define your brand and address customer pain points. Think of it this way: Your prospects have questions, so your blogs should answer them.

A strong blog management and distribution strategy is the entry point to your sales funnel. That’s why our creation process maps every asset to your commercial goals.

There’s a dollar amount attached to every blog post, and we aim to prove it.

Before we put pen to paper, we get to know the industry, the trends, the topics, the keywords, the audiences, the angles, the experts and the perspectives. Our content writers utilize SEMrush, BuzzSumo, Moz, Google Analytics, MarketMuse and other SEO tools to lay the foundation for their content.

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We’ve helped thousands of clients get results through blogging. See for yourself:

Custom Content

Fill your blog with engaging content that your audience is already searching for. Every blog article begins with a content mapping process, for which your professional writer will first answer questions like:

  • What is the purpose of this article?
  • Who will read it?
  • What do the best performing articles on this topic include?
  • What do they leave out that your brand can answer?
  • And more.

Carefully planning the direction, purpose and tone of each blog article means each deliverable has a place in your marketing strategy and will provide meaningful information to blog visitors.

You may want content for a multitude of channels outside of your own site as well. Our professional writers can also draft guest posts to help your brand reach wider audiences and build relationships, ghostwrite LinkedIn bios to optimize your team’s social media presence and more.

Search Performance Briefs

Supercharge your custom content with our proprietary Search Performance Briefs. These are SEO-targeted roadmaps that reverse-engineer the top results for a particular keyword or phrase.

SPBs take an analytical approach to the content planning process, and involves:

  • Evaluating the target keyword to determine which topics to address and which semantically related keywords to include throughout the piece.
  • Identifying searcher intent through SERP analysis.
  • Using SEO tools like SEMrush, MarketMuse and more to determine the appropriate content depth for the topic.
  • Competitive analysis to ensure your content serves a purpose to your audience.

These documents have helped our clients rank for thousands of keywords across hundreds of industries, driving interest, traffic and ROI.

Promotion & Distribution

A blog content strategy doesn’t stop with content creation. Once you have high-quality content on your blog, you need to ensure your target audience knows about it. That’s where promotion and distribution come in.

Your dedicated CMS and project manager can help you discover the most lucrative channels on which to share your articles. That may include building out an email marketing strategy, organic and paid social media posts, content syndication and more.

No matter what plans you have to promote and distribute your content, we can help. Between our professional social media team, consulting experts, technical integration specialists and more, we can make sure your content is found easily by the people who need it most.

Copy Refreshes

Just like anything else, good content ages.

Trends change. New information is uncovered. Plus, your brand is not the only one speaking to your target audience, and eventually, someone else will aim to knock your content down the SERP.

We’re here to protect your positioning with a copy refresh. We will update your content with current information and ensure it covers all the necessary subtopics. An effective content upgrade can improve your ranking, drive more traffic and, most importantly, ensure that your site has the most up-to-date, relevant information.

Blog UX Redesign

Your blog articles might be excellent, but how is your blog homepage? The usability and appearance of your blog and website significantly impact your reader’s experience and impression of your brand.

Our experts will evaluate your website and ensure users can find and navigate the blog easily, and that it reflects your brand’s look and feel. Additionally, we can help ensure your site is accessible, responsive and fast-loading—all critical components to top-tier SEO and UX standards today.

Branded Imagery & Illustrations

A blog with no color is just a boring page of text. Add interest to your content with branded illustrations, GIFs and infographics that support the key points of your blog articles. Our graphic designers create on-brand imagery that fits into your blog posts, or can be used in social posts, email content, sales decks and more.

One of the most common concerns our clients have is if our team of content writers can cover complex subjects specific to their industry. Our answer? Absolutely! In fact, we’re known for producing high-quality content for a wide range of enterprises.

We organize our editorial team so that each of our blog writers develops subject matter expertise in a range of business sectors. Common verticals include:


Financial Services.





And More.

Our goal is to connect your company with a professional blog writer who already has years of experience creating web content for your industry and your audience. This shortens the learning curve and empowers our writers to produce authentic, high-quality content for clients across all types of industries. 

But blog writing is only half complete if it isn’t personalized with your company’s expert opinion. Our professional blog writing services include conducting interviews with your staff, gathering intel from your sales team and integrating your brand mentality into everything we produce.

The result? A polished, detailed, accurate and engaging blog written by an experienced writer. We call it Blogging 2.0.

Writing for Humans, Not Search Engines

If your blog strategy is still based on high-level keyword targets, intricate backlinking schemes and formal, mechanical writing, it’s time for a course correction.

You’re a human. Your readers are human. Our blog content writers are human.

Our blogging services are led by professional writers who hold degrees in various specializations, including journalism, English, creative writing, marketing and education, to name a few. Throw in several MAs, MFAs and PhDs for good measure as well.

Higher organic rankings are achieved through consistent, strong articles that serve user intent, not gaming search algorithms and dousing your content in keywords.

Every day, search engines become more human—they’ve actually outsmarted the engineers who built them. You need blogs that make a human impact.

  • Stay on brand.
  • Write toward specific site visitor personas (not every reader is a buyer).
  • Understand the commercial value of each visitor.
  • Have clear calls to action.
  • Include custom illustrations and videos.
  • Optimize for social sharing.
  • Update older posts and top-performing posts.
  • Be 100% relevant to users.

The bottom line: When done right, blog posts can help businesses reach their marketing and growth goals. But because blogs are often the first touchpoint with prospects, you have only one opportunity to make the interaction count. Therefore, it becomes critical that your blog posts capture your target audience’s attention right off the bat and keep them engaged until the final call-to-action.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let our team give you a hand. The goal of our content writing services is to let our skilled marketing strategists and expert writers generate engaging, high-quality pieces that propel your brand to the forefront of your industry one blog post at a time.