Storytellers With an Eye on the Bottom Line

Before people buy your products and service, they need to buy your story.

Great web content sells your expertise, your credibility, your trustworthiness and your values to leads.

Every Brafton writer is a storyteller at heart. But they’re also business-savvy digital marketers with extensive experience writing authoritatively on subject matter ranging from niche B2B verticals to broad B2C industries. They can adopt your brand’s voice, or help you find it if that’s what you need from them.

More importantly, they can create engaging content that will resonate with your audience and rank well on search engines for industry-targeted keywords.

From blog posts to video scripts, infographics, white papers, website copy and more, great written content underpins everything we do at Brafton.

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Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services

Blog Posts

Most B2B and B2C content marketers agree: Blog content is the most effective type of web content writing for building brand awareness. But when a new blog post is published every 0.5 seconds, “good enough” won’t make the cut.

The difference between good content and great content is a talented team of blog writers armed with data from Google Analytics, SEMrush and other platforms. Content for search engine optimization is the outcome of masterful scribes taking insights from content marketing strategists and weaving them into blog posts that are on-brand, on-point and eventually, on Page 1.

We can deliver short-form blog posts and news articles. Or, we can craft long-form content that demonstrates thought leadership and engages readers with empathetic anecdotes. Either way, the original content we provide is always well-researched, well-written and optimized to satisfy searcher intent and improve your online presence.

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White Papers

If the goal of blog posts is to lure readers into deeper engagements, white papers are an example of that engagement. More than half of all content marketers leverage white papers for lead generation. These staples of inbound marketing showcase industry expertise and thought leadership in a polished document.

When someone provides an email address in exchange for a white paper, they’re demonstrating that they trust enough in your expertise to give away their contact information in exchange for it. Don’t let them down.

Every white paper needs to be thoroughly researched and expertly crafted. Readers often expect a deeper dive into advanced subject matter that’s typically in their own wheel house. Brafton writers have the research acumen, data-gathering skills, industry-specific expertise and business writing experience necessary to speak on behalf of your brand’s expertise.

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Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services


A Brafton eBooks is like a white paper, except it take full advantage of the fact that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Every eBook we make has just enough text on each page to get a point across without overwhelming the reader. This makes it possible to incorporate design elements that complement the written content, but it also means every word really has to count. Not a phrase out of place.

Our writers work directly with your marketing team to ideate eBook topics, develop an outline and write the copy for each page with word economy and visual aids in mind. The result is a visually stunning, mid- to deep-funnel asset that provides guidance, instruction and thought leadership to prospects.

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More than 80% of web users skim content in search of specific information. This means the majority of copy on any given web page is just filler for certain key information.

Infographic writing summarizes that key information in succinct bullet points that contain quick-hitting facts, quotes and statistics. This information is then visually represented with graphs, graphic design and illustrations.

Part of professional content writing is knowing when to show restraint, and concision is key when it comes to infographic copy. Brafton writers are highly skilled researchers who know how to collaborate with designers to create pithy, visually inspiring infographic outlines. Once formatted, you can embed infographics in blog posts or gate them mid-funnel assets that serve your marketing strategy.

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Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services

Case Studies

The case study is a cornerstone of any content marketing strategy, and a mainstay among our content creation services. It’s your way of turning satisfied customers into brand advocates. Leads expect you to brag about your brand. But when they hear customers singing your praises, it really resonates. Case in point: 88% of marketers say case studies are their most effective marketing asset.

Brafton’s writers know how to tell a story that puts your customer in the role of protagonist. They’re skilled interviewers who can tease quote-worthy content from case study subjects. Or, they can write from transcripts to meet a tighter turnaround time.

Most importantly, they’re natural storytellers who deftly weave the competitive advantages and value propositions of your products and services into an engaging narrative. With our content writers’ help, your customers can make the case for your brand to deep-funnel leads who are starting to show intent to buy.

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Website Copy

Unlike your latest blog article or your social media posts, landing pages are static. This written content lives front and center on your site. Every visitor who comes to your home page, your about page, your product and services pages and so on, will see it. Your copy needs to be clean, concise and optimized to rank for high-value keywords. No pressure.

Writing landing page and website copy is half science, half art. The science half entails developing search performance briefs that take the guesswork out of ranking for competitive, commercial-intent keywords. The art half is taking the insights from those briefs, and working secondary keywords and main topics to discuss into scannable website copy that truly represents your brand’s value.

It’s a tall order. Nearly three quarters of all businesses struggle with landing page optimization – but not our writers. With help from our consulting team, we can develop optimized website copy, whether it’s landing page for your most recent white paper, or new content for a total website redesign.

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Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services

Email Copy & Newsletters

Email marketing yields $44 for every $1 spent, on average. Realizing this return on investment requires a strong email marketing strategy that uses blog posts, conversion landing pages and gated content designed to build your email list. But email marketing also requires click-worthy subject lines and punchy copy that gets subscribers opening your messages and clicking on your calls to action.

Brafton writers understand that less is more in email. They write newsletters that promote your blog posts. They craft one-off lead-nurture emails that plug your latest eBook or white paper. They even create end-to-end email drip campaigns with the help of strategist.

If it’s email content creation, we do it. Engage recipients with concise, conversational and memorable language.

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Our content writers are also copywriters. They know how to create value-added content that informs, entertains and inspires. But they also know when to put on their direct marketing and advertising hats.

Calls to action embedded in blog posts, copy for text ads, display ads, banner ads, paid search listings, social media posts, conversion prompts on websites and blogs, asset landing pages and brochures are some examples of the copywriting that our-house wordsmiths have experience crafting.

There’s a time and a place for terse, action-oriented language – and our writers have a knack for using that language at the right place, and at the right time.

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Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services

Video & Animation Scripts

Video content accounts for nearly 80% of all internet traffic. For marketers, a well-made video can work wonders: 97% of businesses say video helps people understand their offerings. A lot of information is conveyed in a short, engaging clips that are easy to digest.

But before the lights, the camera and the action, there’s a script. Brafton’s content writers are skilled script writers who know how to draft copy that lends well to voiceover or a reading by a live presenter. This includes scripts for animated explainer videos, whiteboard videos, video testimonials and video blogs.

A well-executed video script can set the tone for an entire video project. It can also provide guidance to video editors and animators in post production as they bring the written word to life.

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Custom Content

In nearly any marketing strategy, the need arises for custom content that doesn’t clearly fall in the purview of traditional article writing services. But if it’s content, and it needs writing, our writers can and will do it.

We’ve drafted guest posts that appear in industry magazines. We’ve written webinars, and slide decks that are presented at industry conferences. We’ve written the copy for flyers handed out at conferences and company events, one-pagers that are taken on sales meetings, executive briefs for original research, product descriptions, LinkedIn summaries, speeches for social events, corporate training material and much, much more.

If its content, we write it. And if we write it, it’ll do what you need it to.

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