What to Expect: Sales-Ready Leads

What to Expect: Sales-Ready Leads

Brafton’s team of copywriters, graphic designers, animators and videographers craft custom
content for every phase of the customer journey. To generate even greater interest in your brand
and to nurture leads closer to a final sale, lead magnet content can push you over the goal line.

Examples of lead magnets include:

Visual guides.



Preliminary audits and
competitor analysis.

Customer testimonials
and case studies.

Templates and



A lot more.

More specifically, Brafton specializes in two high-value, high-ROI lead magnets, which we
recommend for nearly all clients.

Check out our lead magnets in the UK, and our lead magnets in Australia.


White papers

White Papers

Establish authority in your industry and provide the most comprehensive piece of content on a topic your leads crave – all possible with a white paper.




Combine stunning eBook design and effective storytelling to wow prospects. eBooks are media-rich, visual assets that stand out from other lead magnets, and they convincingly incentivize downloads and form completions.


Your Leads, Your Content

Your Leads, Your Content

Brafton’s team of strategists, consultants and project managers can help you:

  • Develop targeted buyer personas.
  • Align lead magnets with high-value prospects.
  • Launch a full-scale lead-nurturing campaign.
  • Measure performance and effectiveness.
  • Recommend complementary assets.
  • Optimize where necessary.

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