UX Design Services

Users decide within milliseconds of seeing your site whether they’ll continue their journey with your brand — a responsibility that falls on the shoulders of UX.

At Brafton, we deliver design that dazzles and UX that converts.

Why UX Design Matters

Your website needs to look great, organize content intuitively and function seamlessly so that users can find the information they’re looking for and feel encouraged to further engage your brand. Without an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing website, an organization not only risks losing customers in the short term but also prolonged reputational damage.

Form, Function, ROI

More than 70% of customer journeys start on the web. Much of that is through search. Your website architecture, web design and user experience affect your:

  • Brand credibility: 75% of users decide within seconds of seeing your website whether or not they trust your brand.
  • Ranking in search engine results pages: Google’s RankBrain algorithm analyzes factors such as bounce rate, pages per session and dwell time to determine how easy it is for users to navigate your site.
  • Conversion rates: Clear calls-to-action and other strategic user experience and web design elements influence whether site visitors will continue engaging with your brand.
  • Bottom line: Between search rankings and missed opportunities, UX and design has an incalculable if not profound impact on your business’s bottom line.

If you have a website, make sure your UX design is putting it to work for your business — the return on investment is well worth it. A report published by Fast Company shows that, on average, every $1 invested in UX and interaction design nets up to $100 in return. That’s an ROI of 9,900%. 

At Brafton, our in-house UX and design team works to ensure that your website, and online presence more generally, is aligned with UX best practices. In turn, this alignment with UX best practices can have a profound impact on all facets of your funnel; driving engagement at the upper-funnel and promoting conversions at the lower-funnel.

Brand Your Business

There’s value in tying your brand to a distinct image or voice. Brafton’s UX design services enable your business to bring your brand vision to life, reflecting the visual design elements and written content on which you want to focus your visiting traffic’s attention.

The benefits of an effective UX design process go far beyond keeping customers glued to your website.

Establish Credibility 

Effective website design secures your brand as a legitimate business in your chosen verticals. In addition to assuring prospective customers that your offerings are indeed worth buying, UX design cements your positioning as a top contender in the marketplace amongst competitors.

UX Audit and Design Services

Our team of expert consultants and designers tackle every element of your website’s form and function. From developing custom wireframes that optimize the end-user journey, to creating graphical elements that put visual design to work for your business, Brafton’s UX audit and design services were tailor made for boosting:

Brand credibility.

User engagement.

Search visibility.

Conversion rates.

Website usability.


At Brafton, our design and UX research experts use heat mapping, A/B testing and other UX audit methods to make sure that your pages are serving a clear and deliberate purpose in the user journey. Think of your site’s UX design as a roadmap for user behavior. By implementing an intuitive user interface design, you’ll ensure the navigation experience is easy and effective for your audience.

Tell us what you want your site visitors to do, and we’ll help you make sure they do it. 

Website Redesign

If your website isn’t using responsive design, isn’t converting, takes more than three seconds to load or is experiencing mysterious dips in search performance, then it’s time for a website redesign. 

At Brafton, as leading UIUX designers and strategists, we have a complete marketing team that stages a complete end-to-end UX design service, or tackles individual aspects of your new site – depending on what you need.

  • Content writers: Our writers create landing page copy that’s optimized to rank for specific keywords and strategically crafted with language that improves conversions.
  • UX designers: Our web designers work with clients to create visually stunning graphic design and polished site aesthetics that align with your branding. They can also create wireframes entirely from scratch for custom website builds.
  • Web consultants: Our consultants select cost-effective, templated layouts. They work with writers, graphic designers and web developers to ensure that wireframes, site architecture, user accessibility, mobile app and/or site responsiveness and copy are all streamlined for SEO and UIUX best practices more generally. We’ll ensure the information architecture of your UX design is optimized to guide your audience through your site.
  • Web developers: Our developers can assist with mockup construction, integrations, site launches, complex technical and coding functions, and software development more generally.

Our experts have completed entire website redesigns for clients in a wide array of industries – from banks to manufacturers, software providers, healthcare providers, recruiters, retailers, educational institutions and much more.

Every step of the way, we prioritized UX design, because that’s ultimately how you drive business outcomes on the web. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your site’s user interface determines the outcome of end-user journeys. This powerful concept is known as human-computer interaction. The idea is that the wireframe – your site’s structure – design methodology and UX/UI elements can be optimized to boost user engagement, maximize the value of all website touchpoints and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Some of the factors that our consultants and strategists assess in their conversion analysis include:

  • Heat mapping and A/B testing for user flow and behaviors to determine high- and low-value touchpoints.
  • Call-to-action marketing efforts, including CTA placement.
  • Persona development to determine if you’re attracting the right target audience.
  • Assessment of how many conversion opportunities you’re actually generating.
  • How your site’s visual design may be influencing user behavior. 
  • Adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • The number of fields in your “contact us” forms.
  • Mobile friendliness of your form fields and CTAs.
  • How findable gated-asset landing pages are in search.
  • Template and UX elements of your email marketing campaigns.
  • Integrating a design system that focuses on user needs and drives traffic to digital product offerings.
  • And much more.

Great UX design is all about guiding the end user through your interface so they can easily find the information they’re looking for and ultimately engage more effectively with your brand.

With intuitive designs, CTA marketing, accessible web pages and usability testing, we make sure all of your UX elements on desktop and on mobile are optimized for your user personas.

Technical SEO Services

You need to think of your sitemap and internal linking structure as the path that you want users to take – because even if you don’t, Google will.

Search engines look at factors such as XML markup and metadata to help determine the value each of your pages provides to users, what function it serves in the user journey and how well it’s serving that function.

At Brafton, our UX strategy, audit and design experts analyze and make recommendations for how to optimize all of the following:

  • Internal linking structure: Every page on your site should have links to other pages elsewhere on your site. This linking structure is crucial for helping users navigate your website and find the information they’re looking for. Strategic linking structures are also optimized to improve engagement and conversions by identifying and catering to user needs.
  • HTML sitemaps: These sitemaps can help you better understand the structure of your site while guiding users as they look for certain information on your site. Bounce rates (users leaving after the first page), and many pages per session with short time on each page are indicators that users aren’t finding the information they’re looking for. An HTML sitemap is a visual aid for your site’s hierarchy.
  • XML sitemaps: Your site doesn’t just need to be intuitive for users; it also needs to be easily understood by search engine crawlers. An XML sitemap helps you tell search engines what pages you want them to crawl.
  • Schema markup: Schema provides search engines with additional context for what each of your pages is about. This improves the way your pages display in search results. Specifically, the rich snippets that display right beneath the page listing in SERPs will align more closely with the search query. In other words, it makes it easier for users to find the specific page or information on your site that they’re looking for via search engine.
  • Page speed: A site that does not load within a second earns 11% fewer page views than a site that does. A site that takes longer than two seconds to load will see approximately 50% fewer page views.

Website Audits

In some cases, it makes more sense to modify an existing site than overhaul it entirely. If this strategy aligns with your business objectives, our consulting department can perform comprehensive website audits that include:

  • Basic Overview Report: A high-level overview of the issues that negatively impact site performance and user experience.
  • Error Reporting: A detailed list of issues affecting your site, including 404 errors, duplicate content, unstructured data, toxic links, problematic XML sitemaps and more.
  • Quote to Fix Errors: An estimate for how much it would cost Brafton to fix any and all site errors.
  • Scorecard: A proprietary ranking system that determines the priority level of each site error, and assesses the extent to which these issues are affecting site performance.
  • Branded Full Audit Analysis: A comprehensive, branded and formatted document that is designed to be presentable to decision-makers and easy to read; this report contains hard numbers on all of the issues affecting your site and provides personalized solutions to those issues on both micro and macro levels.
  • Competitor & Social Analysis: Competitor analysis for five market rivals that includes assessments or organic and paid SEO campaigns, keyword rankings, backlink portfolios, social performance and more.

Sometimes, the most important elements of your site’s design are on the backend. Our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum website audit packages can help you identify problems with your website that aren’t so easy to see.

Your site’s backend structure – and how well you translate that to front-end navigation on your site’s interface – can significantly affect the end-user experience.

And so can we, for the better

Mobile Optimization

Google prioritizes the mobile version of your site when it determines your ranking in search. Why? Because more than 60% of all searches are conducted on mobile devices. Optimizing your site for mobile-first indexing and for a mobile user experience has never been more important than it is today.

Get the Most Out of Mobile

When it comes to optimizing your website for the mobile experience:

Prioritize Feedback.

Rollovers, animations and hover states build engagement organically, revealing additional information by way of virtual confirmation. This type of interactivity gives control to your customers by ensuring they can request deeper or related content.

Design With the Fickle Customer in Mind.

Your mobile interface should be clean, effective and free of clutter. An overabundance of buttons, lists, menus or calls-to-action could visually warn the wary user to steer clear of your content. Often, they’ll process the information on your website in milliseconds and make a decision to stay or leave soon after.

Go Graphic.

Bold, clean presentation and easy-to-digest graphics will keep your desired audience glued to your content. Optimized web copy, improved site speed and custom illustrations come together to make your visual presence stand out. Always keep the graphic design elements of your site in mind when cultivating a first-class mobile experience.

Reuse Assets.

When it comes to mobile UX and UI design, consistency is key. You’re dealing with a smaller viewing space than a desktop-optimized site, so use familiar, rolling assets and imagery to walk your audience through the navigation of your content across pages and internally linked content.

Our content strategists and consultants provide in-depth analysis of your mobile site performance, including the responsiveness of its design, and assess technical elements that could be negatively affecting mobile UX. 

Calculated, Effective Web Optimization

Usability. Interactivity. Speed. There are many key components of an effective website. The attention span of today’s audience is shorter than ever before — your business can’t afford to gamble on UX design that stumbles on any of these critical features. 

When it comes to optimizing your website, let Brafton’s experienced designers handle the heavy lifting. 

Our comprehensive graphic design and UX capabilities mean you can take on an entire site redesign or focus just on the sections that are strategically critical to your bottom line. Keeping an engaging, interactive website at the forefront of your marketing strategy means you’re prioritizing customer experience and putting the wants and needs of your audience first.

Turn your website from just another URL to an ROI-generating machine today.

A Record of UX Success