SEO on a National Scale

Search engine optimization as a methodology is nearly two decades old. But your SEO strategies must mature and evolve in real time, as algorithms change and customer expectations rise.

Brafton national SEO services allow your brand to capitalize on market or industry changes – no matter how subtle or substantial – so you never lose a step to competitors. Those commercial changes may include:

  • M&A.
  • Business expansion or contraction.
  • IPO.
  • Tech disruption.
  • Product or service innovation.

Any business event that shifts marketing budgets or executive decisions is an opportunity for your company. Brafton puts you on your front foot, creating competitive content marketing strategies to win on all fronts – today and tomorrow.

seo national scale

Distinguishing Between Local, Regional,
National and International SEO

Our SEO campaigns are customized to the realities of your business. This means using
SEO tactics that are designed for mass impact at the national level.

Here’s a brief rundown of how SEO services can be configured to scale with your
business and its core commercial objectives:


Local SEO:

  • Google My Business optimization.
  • Citation management.
  • Localized keyword targeting.
  • Google Maps optimization.
national seo

National SEO:

  • Broad, location-agnostic keyword ranking.
  • Featured snippet optimization.
  • Enterprise-level link building.
  • Multi-site, multi-brand management.
  • Advanced audience segmentation and list building.
regional seo

Regional SEO:

  • Region-specific organic content creation.
  • Geo-targeted long-tail keywords.
  • High-value link building.
int seo

International SEO:

  • Multi-national content creation.
  • Language localization.
  • Multi-domain and multi-site management.
  • Global keyword research.

Every SEO service can be scaled accordingly, and foundational content marketing goals
are established at the onset of a Brafton partnership.

On-Page National SEO

On-page SEO relates to optimizing individual web pages, including copy and HTML.
Adjustments to on-page elements can increase keyword rankings, generate more
organic traffic and make websites user- and search-friendly.

Common on-page elements to optimize for a national SEO campaign include:


On-page copy, images and videos.

Meta descriptions and title tags.

alt text

Image alt text.

h1 tag

HTML headings (H1-H6 tags).

url string

URL strings.


Internal linking structures.

schema markup

Schema markup.

Brafton SEO experts may recommend services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Blog writing and optimization.
  • Landing page writing and optimization.
  • Copy and content refreshes.
  • Creating and updating product descriptions.
  • Technical on-page site audits and error remediation.
  • Site health checks.
  • Website SSL setup.
  • Metadata optimization.
  • Link structure analysis and adjustment.
  • Conversion rate and mobile optimization.
  • Analytics tracking.
off-page seo

Off-Page National SEO

Off-page SEO tactics are the external, off-domain optimizations you make, whereas on-page SEO occurs internally, on-site.

SEO packages may contain off-page tactics like:

  • Link building.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Guest posting.
  • Brand monitoring.
  • Audience development.

E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is vital to brands that primarily sell online, and Brafton’s team of SEO strategists and consultants engineer bespoke solutions that help you funnel more traffic from search engines to your product pages.

Those services may include:

  • Product and service page optimization.
  • Schema markup.
  • Review and citation management.
  • Technical integration support.
  • Conversion rate optimization.
  • Image optimization.
  • Web demo creation.
  • A/B testing.
  • Sophisticated keyword targeting.
  • Page speed and mobile optimization.
  • Sitemap optimization.
  • Rich snippet optimization.
  • Website redesign.
  • User testing.

The inbound links generated from prominent review sites and e-commerce platforms can boost your organic search presence, allowing additional customers to find your products more easily. As this flywheel is set in motion, your business benefits from greater organic, referral and direct traffic from sources all across the web.


SEO, Your Way

As your business changes, so too do Brafton’s SEO services. Packages are available a la carte, on demand or as part of a rolling contract.

For complete product and pricing details, check out our product catalog.

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