Google Analytics Consultant

Why Do You Need a Google Analytics Consultant?

For starters, Google Analytics 4 is a different animal altogether than UA. The default reports from the GA of yore often need to be built from scratch to have any sort of drill-down capability. Setting up conversions is also tricky, and while you don’t have to use Google Tag Manager (GTM), it’s the recommended avenue for goal tracking in the vast majority of situations.

Secondly, it’s easy enough to set up a Google Analytics account to retrieve basic data, but if you want to develop a strategy for marketing campaigns and mindful data collection, you need to dive in deeper. A Google Analytics consultant will not only be able to dig up information that would otherwise be lost, they will also help you interpret that data and use it to determine your marketing plan moving forward.

By tracking important KPIs on your website, a Google Analytics consultant can tell you which pages earn the most, and least, engagements. A great GA4 consultant then takes that information and determines why those trends exist, and what might be going on behind the curtain. For instance:

  • What exactly makes your clients convert on your successful pages with high amounts of traffic? Is it stellar content and usability? Or were they clicking on appealing visuals?
  • Do pages with little to no engagement need to be optimized to rank higher? Do they need user experience overhauls or do they need to be scrapped altogether?

The information you learn from your Google Analytics consultant will help you create content that draws customers in and ultimately drives them down the sales funnel. No more wasting time on marketing efforts that don’t work.

A great Google Analytics consultant will also help you set up goals that are actually worth tracking. Too often, businesses create milestones for their data collection that have no actual bearing on commercial success. Other times, goals are just set up improperly. Our Google Analytics consultants make sure that you’re tracking truly meaningful goals, and that you’re doing it right.

What Makes Brafton a Leader in Google Analytics Consulting?

At Brafton, we want to see your business succeed, and we go the extra mile to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Here’s why we lead the pack in Google Analytics consulting:

Our consultants are highly trained. All our web analytics consultants must pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam to be on our team. This is a rigorous test that requires meticulously honed skills, knowledge and experience. They’re also proficient in the nuances of GA4 and GTM.

We are always advancing our knowledge. Our web analytics consultants are always looking for ways to hone their skills and deepen their expertise in data analysis and digital marketing. We are consistently completing internal training sessions, and we also observe external training for even more inspiration.

We keep up with all important updates on data analytics, especially as they relate to Google Analytics 4. In the world of search engine optimization, nothing is stagnant. Google, Bing and other search engines are often updating their algorithms, sending content every which way on results pages. We make sure to keep up with the latest insights so that our clients maintain their high rankings.

Our testing is thorough. We don’t just run the typical Google Analytics tests. If you come to us with a problem, we’ll run real-time tests to pinpoint the abnormality. Our consultants will take on multiple roles, testing your website on the front-end and back-end. Once we find out what the issue is, we’ll get started on a game plan to fix it.

Our consultants are flexible. While Google Analytics 4 is our bread and butter, we are equally capable of working with other analytics platforms. If you prefer to use Adobe Analytics, Zoho or another tool, we’ll give you the same high-quality results using your preferred method.

We can also integrate data flows from various sources and channels into formats and stories you can take back to your boss. For example, by leveraging other Google Marketing Platform products in conjunction with Google Analytics 4 (e.g., Google Ads) we can build a custom Looker Studio (previously Google Data Studio) dashboard that visualizes a bigger, clearer narrative in a digestible way.

What You Get When You Partner with Brafton

As a client, when you seek help from a Google Analytics consultant at Brafton, you can take comfort in knowing that we are with you every step of the way.

Our Google Analytics consulting services include:

We walk you through Google Analytics implementation. That means setting up an account and making sure we have proper access so you can effectively gather essential data. If you’ve already set up GA4, we’ll review your configuration and flag any issues, and discuss your KPIs to ensure your goals are tracking meaningful information.

We make sure your account is functioning properly. This means conducting an audit to ensure the data is tracking properly, and checking to see that your reports are in fact assessing the most important KPIs and goals.

This assesses:

  • The website’s overall performance (users, sessions, goal completions, etc.).
  • What particular content people are engaging with.
  • Which channels are driving people to the site.
  • Visitor demographics.
  • Which browsers and devices are most commonly used to access your website.

That way, you can always be certain you’re making informed marketing decisions that suit your business needs.

We assess conversions, including how and when people are visiting your site. At a glance, Google Analytics can only tell you so much about the content a user interacts with the content on your site. We dive deeper, finding the initial traffic source and looking at the entire journey before and after conversion. We can also pull in data from other sources, such as Google Search Console, keyword research tools and CRMs.

We’ll not only find out what parts of your website visitors interact with, but also the reasons why they gravitate more or less toward particular areas. We can look at factors that aren’t readily available in Google Analytics, like speed, usability, readability and more.

A visitor may experience multiple touchpoints before landing on your website. Google Analytics alone won’t find the path a customer took to your website in this case, but our skilled consultants will.

Your business likely has many KPIs, and it can be difficult to visualize how your business needs may translate to data points. Once we conduct digital analytics, we will design a custom dashboard for you to see, organize and understand your marketing data. These custom reports make it easier to track specific campaigns.

Get Actionable Analytics Insights that Make an Impact on Your Bottom Line

A Brafton Google Analytics consultant doesn’t just pull numbers from the platform, present them to you and send you on your merry way. We organize the data in order of importance, pointing out each specific actionable insight.

A relationship with a Google Analytics consultant should not only reveal the what , but also the why and how. We don’t want to just tell you what you can do to improve your website, we want to help you understand why these trends exist and where to go from here.

When you implement the changes suggested by your Brafton consultant, you’ll start to see improvements to your bottom line. When there are more eyes on your content and increased traffic to your website, you nudge potential customers down the marketing funnel, and your sales numbers inevitably improve. Don’t trust our word – you’ll have the marketing analytics to prove it.

Web analytics will also reveal the demographics of the people most frequently visiting your website. This can give you crucial information on who your target audience is. Who are you already reaching, and who do you need to work harder to get to? Brafton’s Google Analytics consulting service will make sure you understand this information through and through, helping you to make the best decisions to improve your business.

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