White Paper Writing Services

White papers establish your brand as an expert in a given industry or on a specific topic. They use expertly crafted, quality content to boost credibility among your target audience and demonstrate industry thought leadership.

White papers are ideal as part of any sales strategy. Truly a cornerstone of lead generation, white papers are an oft-overlooked segment of the conversion funnel; nevertheless, 55% of marketers cite white papers as a top source of lead generation.

White Papers Get Results: Just Ask Our Clients

The Nuts and Bolts of a White Paper

Brafton’s industry-focused writers possess subject-matter expertise spanning across business and consumer markets. 

After receiving approval on an outline, your white paper writer will thoroughly research the topic, surveying existing data, commentary and analysis from trusted sources, which often include clients’ internal subject matter experts. They will then write a first draft. 

Powerful Content. Powerful Collaboration.

Your personnel is granted an article review of the first draft, verifying that the content is both comprehensive and fully in line with your vision for the project as a whole. At this point, all edits and feedback will be incorporated into the white paper. Applying this level of white paper analysis and scrutiny while the copy is in production is a way to ensure the creation process goes smoothly as the article moves from the content writer to the design team.

White Paper Design

Once the text has been approved, your white paper content will be formatted by Brafton graphic designers. They will collaborate with you, your professional writer and your project manager to implement your brand color schemes, logos, fonts and other design preferences, such as photography, icons, graphs or charts. 

When it comes time to choose the visual style of your custom white paper, you have a long list of options. The design choice can echo your existing content or serve as part of a rebrand, presenting your thought leadership content in a new light for your targeted audience. The white paper will once again be submitted for approval, and any edits will be applied.

White Paper Lead Generation

Brafton can assist in leveraging your finished white paper as a lead generation tool by creating landing pages featuring form fills. In exchange for providing contact information, users will then gain access to the white paper that lives on your website. It becomes easier to receive customer information when you have high-quality content behind those landing page gates.

We can also create and embed targeted in-line CTAs into a relevant blog post to drive visitors to your white papers, case studies and other downloadable assets. In this way, Brafton’s blog writing services and white paper creation become symbiotic.

Furthermore, Brafton can provide guidance or manage email distribution strategies for white paper asset launches. We can also write promotional copy for email, social media and other digital marketing channels.

Showcasing Thought Leadership and Industry Expertise

Brafton’s white papers augment your blog and integrate into your overall content marketing strategy, ensuring that your business turns readers into potential customers.

White papers can be tailored to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer audiences, as well as numerous industries, including:












Human Resources

And much more!