Can you remember the label on the last can of diced tomatoes you bought? I bet vaguely, if at all.

So why’d you buy it? Maybe price had something to do with it. Or maybe you always buy the same brand of tomatoes.

But if you’re at the grocery store, need some diced tomatoes, and have no tremendous price sensitivity or brand affinity, your choice will likely stem from some unconscious bias about the can label or brand name.

So how can consumer packaged goods (CPG) possibly unearth, let alone accommodate, those unconscious biases? The answer is surprisingly simple (and no, it’s not just slapping bright colors on everything).

Listen to Michael Keplinger of SmashBrand, who’s done branding work for Duracell, Kraft and everything in between, unpack all things CPG branding:

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“I’m excited about the idea of relating the entire world to the movie ‘Big.’”

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