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Whether she’s showcasing her style quirks via her lifestyle blog Blonde and Bailey or sharing her love for doughnuts with co-workers, Hannah Leibinger has a knack for content and letting her energetic personality fills up the room. Those two key elements make her a valuable asset to our Account Management team at Brafton.

Where it all started

Hannah works out of our Chicago office, but her roots are in Michigan. She studied at Michigan State University where she pursued a communications major, and soon after began her career at a boutique PR agency in Lansing, Michigan. As her professional interests began to change, she decided to head to the Windy City to embark on her next journey as a graduate student at DePaul University for her degree in marketing.

“After working at a public relations agency, I felt like my undergrad education and work experience helped from a writing and PR perspective, but with time I noticed not only a gap but an interest in learning more about business so I applied to grad school,” she said. “I think this helps me be more strategic, especially since I can focus on how our work in marketing impacts the overall business goals and priorities of C-suite executives.”

Hannah also has experience working for a private equity firm and a government workforce development agency, alongside miscellaneous marketing freelance work.

While Hannah saw herself as a journalist at a young age, she didn’t venture too far from the path by pursuing a career in content marketing. The combination of her goals, work experience and her bubbly personality are the elements that encouraged her to dive deeper into this industry.

“I was attracted to working in content marketing because of the work we do – we get to be creative but everything is still data-driven and leads to measurable results,” Hannah said. “I think my personality is a blend of being both creative and interested in analytics, so it seemed like a great fit.”

Relationship building and strategy tactics

To be a successful content marketing strategist, understanding the ins and outs of marketing and SEO are essential. You need to be strategic, analytical and organized, but you also need to be personable – when a client feels comfortable and satisfied with your interactions, they’ll be more likely to trust you with their brand.

Top-notch written and verbal communication skills are also critical, and Hannah believes growing her clientele at Brafton has been one of her greatest accomplishments thus far.

“I’m proud of my ability to build relationships with clients,” she said. “I truly view myself as an extension of my clients’ teams, so when our partnership develops to a place where they look to Brafton for advice and take our recommendations, it feels like a win to me.”

Beyond building partnerships and identifying goals with clients, Hannah loves getting down to the nitty gritty of her role as Senior Content Marketing Strategist. Putting together strategies, setting KPIs and measuring the successes that flourish are some of her favorite elements of the job.

The future of content marketing

Content marketing has gained traction over the years and shows no signs of stopping. This makes it more important than ever for brands to personalize their content, stand out and find ways to resonate with their audiences.

Content marketing strategists understand how important this is, and Hannah feels that continued education on her part is a key element to providing a satisfactory experience for clients as the industry shifts. She enjoys the on-going training sessions provided by her Brafton colleagues, and finds them to be an integral part of her ability to stay ahead in the industry.

“As the industry continues to change, we certainly need to stay up-to-date to provide the best strategy and tactic recommendations for our clients,” she said. “Our department works hard to do so by consistently holding training sessions on the latest content marketing trends, updates and best practices.”

As Hannah resumes work with fellow strategists and other creative teams at Brafton, she’s excited to continue honing those essential content marketing skills, evolving with the market and building professional relationships.