Lexi Goyette

Some professionals don’t realize their passion and skill for content marketing right off the bat. Others, like our very own Annie Keller, come to us fresh out of college, eager and ready to gain experience and expertise. And since her start a little over a year ago, Annie has demonstrated skill that exceeds her young adult years.

Coming in hot

Because Annie originally comes to us from the Chicago area, one might think she’d work for our Chicago office. Nope – since she went to college in Massachusetts, she stayed in the area, gracing our very own Boston team.

“I went to school at Boston College, graduated in 2018 and started at Brafton not too long after that,” she said.

Annie didn’t get the full summer of “funemployment” a lot of post-graduates get, as her official start date was July 9.

Annie is currently working as a Social Media & Promotions Strategist, but she also works closely on Brafton’s internal Creative Marketing team.

A day in the life

To really get to know Annie, we might want to step into her shoes, seeing exactly how a typical day at Brafton goes for her. A day in the life of Annie Keller – from the moment she steps into the Boston office to the moment she signs off for the day – goes a little something like this:

  • Organic posting.
  • Content planning.
  • Managing Brafton’s content partnerships.
  • Launching, tweaking and monitoring paid social media ad campaigns.
  • Creating and publishing remarketing campaigns.
  • Managing paid search/PPC campaigns for her clients.

If you think that sounds like a jam-packed day, you’re certainly not alone. Like the rest of our Social Media employees, Annie wears multiple hats on any given day, juggling tasks and jumping back and forth between assignments with the drop of a hat. Not only are our Social team members expert marketing professionals, they’re also fabulous multitaskers.

As one of our talented Social Media professionals, we asked Annie for some advice she might give to aspiring marketers. First and foremost, “Do your research,” she said. “The digital world especially is always changing, so reading up on algorithm updates, changes in user preferences, new SEO tips, the rise and falls of various social media best practices, et cetera, can only help you.”

Being a Braftonite, in short

When asked about Annie’s favorite part about working for Brafton, she replied with the same answer that most of our other team members have said.

“Like most people, the people are what I love most about Brafton,” Annie said. “We have so many talented, knowledgeable and creative people on our teams.”

Because each member of our Social Media team works closely with Brafton’s clients, they get to operate in tandem with our Project Managers, Content Marketing Strategists, Designers and Content Writers on a given day.

“Plus,” she added. “I’m really lucky to say I love my team. We’re a really fun and supportive group.”

When the Social team isn’t cranking out stellar social campaigns, they can be found rocking out at Brafton karaoke or catching up with one another at their “pod” desk setup. The Social Media team at Brafton doesn’t consider each other to be “work friends;” they consider each other to be “friend friends.”

These are a few of her favorite things…

When she’s not working on high-quality PPC efforts and hanging out with the Social team, you can find Annie participating in some of her favorite hobbies: cooking, exercising and reading. But aside from the kitchen, the gym and the bookstore, Annie spends a great deal of her free time on airplanes.

In April, she did something many people have dreamed about, but few have the guts to do: solo traveling. She enjoyed a trip to Paris on her own, taking in the sights in the City of Lights.

“I planned the trip because I wanted to go back to Paris, which was where I studied abroad in college,” Annie said. “It was a quick trip, only five or six days, but I spent most of the time wandering around my favorite museums, like the Musée D’Orsay, eating a lot of good food and drinking a lot of good wine.”

What’s next on Annie’s travel itinerary? Coming up this October, Annie will be visiting Ireland with her family. Sláinte!

Although galavanting to Europe seems like anyone’s dream, not all of her travel consists of eating baguettes by the Seine and embracing the luck of the Irish. “I spend a lot of time traveling back to the Midwest – Michigan and Illinois specifically – to visit my family.”

With all the travels Annie’s planned in the past and future, the Boston Brafton office is pleased that she chose to settle into our neck of the woods.