Lauren Perrodin

Dewey MacMillen plays a powerful role at Brafton as our Director of Sales and Account Management. You could say that creating genuine relationships is what makes her world spin.

Connection means more than just getting to know someone. For Dewey, it means developing authentic friendships with the people she’s come across.

From getting her marketing feet wet in Boston, living in Paris and then coming back to New England to settle in Burlington, Vermont (where she works for the Brafton team), a connection for Dewey is the proverbial inveterate rope that ties it all together.

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Just One Step at a Time

Dewey starts her day like any go-getter:

“I’m an early riser, so I get up and try to get a Peloton ride or some sort of exercise in,” says Dewey. “I’ll obviously make coffee after. I also enjoy listening to the New York Times podcast, ‘The Daily,’ every morning.”

Once she settles down to her desk, the magic begins. “I’ll log on, and usually my day is pretty filled with calls — whether it’s with my internal team, clients, or new prospects hoping to learn about Brafton.”

As Director of Sales and Account Management, Dewey’s day-to-day revolves around creating the perfect balance between managing expectations and building trusting relationships. But, like most of us, she tries to broaden her worldly awareness and (sometimes) get a workout in.

Don’t Look Down

When it comes to trust, the biggest obstacle is trusting yourself with the big things in life. And for Dewey, that started with learning how to walk the tightrope.

“I went to Circus Camp for six summers. Around age 8, my mom signed me up to try Circus Camp — I really did not want to go. It was intense and very challenging but oddly very addictive so I continued to go back. I can still tightrope walk pretty well. “

Perhaps this is where her sense of adventure started. While we can’t all relate to the thrill of getting into heights like that, her time at Circus Camp taught her what it means to face challenges and take them head-on.

Balance and Tension Are the Tricks to Success

This fearless attitude carried through to her professional life as well. While getting her degree in marketing, international affairs, and fashion studies at Northeastern University in Boston, she cultivated valuable relationships that soon took her across the sea to pursue a fulfilling culmination of her undergraduate degrees.

“I moved to Paris after school to work with a professor from Northeastern [to build] out a Global Fashion Studies program — it was an incredible few months!”

We’ll say!

After walking the streets like a true Parisian, Dewey plugged herself back into the American lifestyle and moved back to her hometown of Burlington, Vt. She hit the ground running upon her arrival where she “worked at 1% for the Planet on the Marketing team before moving to Fuse Marketing, which is an experiential marketing agency focusing specifically on young adults.”

There’s no stopping someone who wants to make an impact on the world around her.

When asked how she got connected with Brafton, she said that one of her friends from college reached out to her when we had an opening.

“Years ago, when I was studying marketing at Northeastern, I met our Senior Vice President extraordinaire, Stacy Randel. We’ve kept in touch over the years as I finished school and began my professional career. Last fall, Stacy reached out and asked if I was interested in learning about Brafton and the rest is history!”

After getting hired in the fall of 2020, Dewey has been pulling proverbial rabbits out of hats, juggling client needs, doing flips in the cloud and still occasionally walks the tightrope of a healthy work-life balance.

It’s All About Maintaining Your Center of Gravity

When she’s not performing for the team of people who depend on her, she leads a pretty typical home life.

“After work, my boyfriend and I like to make dinner together and are currently catching up on Season 2 of ‘Succession.’ I always try to end my night reading versus watching TV. Sometimes I am successful… most times, I am not.”

We equate her love for “Succession” to her self-proclaimed love for the royal family. If she’s not chowing down on a home-cooked meal with her friends or watching CNN’s “Diana,” she takes the time to reconnect back to nature.

“I live in Northern Vermont, right on Lake Champlain, so we have an abundance of outdoor activities. Despite being a lifelong Vermonter, I, historically, haven’t been the biggest outdoors person,” Dewey admits. “But over the past few years since I moved back, I certainly have appreciated it more. I love camping and going on walks/hikes and have started to re-learn how to ski!”

No matter if she’s bringing together a prospect to a content strategy or her feet to a tightrope, everyone at Brafton can join in to say how lucky we are she found us.