Marketers know that adding link bait to a website is a good way to generate inbound links and boost search rank. A recent blog post from Google reminds marketers to value quality over quantity when it comes to link building.

It’s important to use strategies that will enhance lasting link love instead of using short-lived tactics that would attract the link equivalents of one night stands. Humorous messages used for viral marketing can cause a spike in site visibility, but the laughter won’t last long. Google’s search quality strategist Kaspar Szymanski says capitalizing on current trends can be good, but if done without substantive content, trendy link bait will quickly lose its appeal and have little impact on a site’s performance over time.

He also advises against randomly exchanging or buying links as a quick-fix link building strategy because these methods often look "spammy," which can hurt a site’s reputation on the Google index. Instead, quality links come from long-term efforts.

Szymanski urges marketers to offer content that prospective clients would care about. Visitors will link to sites that offer useful tutorials, practical tools or original research that is relevant to a target audience. This content also tends to give sites credibility within an industry, he says.

Remember, link building is a constant process. Frequently updated content can build a brand as an information resource, and people will be more likely to link to their go-to sites. Moreover, regularly publishing quality content of interest to a target audience is necessary for gaining the momentum needed to move up – and stay up – in search rank.