Brand marketers should ensure that their websites are full of content which is both engaging and regularly updated, a sector commentator has asserted.

Speaking to online resource Smart Company, Carolyn Stafford, principal of Connect Marketing, explains that she has seen many businesses that have a dull website which is essentially just a brochure for the firm displayed in electronic format.

"It is such a critical thing, that you need to make sure it is properly designed and provides rich and changing content to visitors – it is not something you can set and forget," she adds.

Concluding, Ms Stafford suggests that a firm seeks professional advice when it comes to designing and building a website.

Meanwhile, writing for online resource PromotionWorld, sector commentator Sunita Biddu explains that search engine optimization is a "crucial" strategy for any firm to implement from the very beginning of its online existence.

She adds that marketers must be consistent in their efforts to have a website which is highly ranked on popular search engines.