The word “organic” comes with a positive connotation. 

When you shop for organic food, you know you’re getting some of the most wholesome options you can find. Go shopping and find an organic brand and you know they ethically sourced their materials in a way that lives up to the highest standards in agriculture. 

So what does that mean for organic search engine optimization? 

When you create rich, high-quality content that weaves in strategic keywords, optimized metatags and backlinks, you create a natural route to your website and reap the benefits. 

Increased website visits without having to pay for it? Sounds like a no-brainer. 

Let’s take a closer look at organic SEO services, the difference between paid search and organic search engine results and how working with an SEO expert can benefit your bottom line.

Organic SEO vs. Paid Search Results

Techopedia defines organic search engine optimization as “the methods used to obtain a high placement (or ranking) on a search engine results page in unpaid, algorithm-driven results on a given search engine.” 

Essentially, organic seo work involves human-centric content creation that brings in website traffic without spending a pretty penny. Methods used in an organic SEO strategy include:

  • Creating SEO-rich, high-quality content that exists all over your website.
  • Performing keyword research and incorporating keywords into new and old content. 
  • Backlinking in your blog content. 

While the cost involved with organic SEO service can be enough to get you interested, the benefits of this organic content marketing strategy don’t end at the expense. Using organic SEO methods will also help you generate more clicks, create long-lasting search engine results and build brand awareness by standing as thought leaders that readers can trust. 

Paid search results are just as the name describes: A paid spot within search results to get people on your website and entangled in your content. Paid search campaigns are designed to increase visibility on your brand in real time; paid search can get you to the top of the search page almost instantly, instead of putting in the work to get a similar result organically. 

Not only does paid SEO give you more visibility across Google search, it also amounts to immediate results like more website traffic, more intricate analytics at your disposal and easy access to your target audience. Paid search can make it easier to reach a potential customer faster and turn them into return ones. 

Striking the Organic Marketing Balance

Understanding the value of organic SEO services is only the first path on your journey to a successful digital marketing strategy. Your next step? Finding the organic marketing balance.

When we talk about the balance in terms of organic search, it’s all about creating content that appeals directly to readers, while simultaneously appealing to search engines as well. 

The good news is that Google is more people-first than ever before, and becoming a strong organic search result for Google is similar to appealing to real people. 

People-first content, or content made primarily for humans to consume and absorb, is becoming more friendly on Google than disjointed content stuffed with keywords that ensures a search engine win. The helpful content update was released on August 25, 2022, and prioritizes content created with humans in mind over AI.

Some tips for striking that organic marketing balance in your content, as suggested by the Search Engine Journal, include:

  • Stick to the main topic in your content; don’t use fluff.
  • Write with experience; display that you’ve used the product or service you’re talking about.
  • Answer the questions your target audience members are asking, and make your response clear and concise.
  • Consider the reader’s experience. Make your piece an enjoyable work of art.

Moving unhelpful content down the scale and focusing on people-first content is a new and exciting theme for Google to consider, and it’s one that will seemingly stick around:

“Over the coming months, we will also continue refining how the classifier detects unhelpful content and launch further efforts to better reward people-first content.”

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services: Calling In the Experts

Going organic with digital marketing can seem like an intimidating task; learning SEO, writing content and incorporating keywords into the pages that exist on your website doesn’t have to be your responsibility. 

Reaping the benefits of organic SEO and quality content is made simple when you bring SEO experts on the journey with you. Hiring a content marketing team to provide SEO services ensures that you get rich, quality content that’s easily searchable and brings the right people directly to your site. Here’s what you can expect when you hire a team that specializes in SEO:

  • Editorial services. SEO content writing is an invaluable tool to use in the world of digital marketing. When you have trained specialists who understand the importance of SEO alongside killer content, they can help you create blogs and pages that rank high. Quality over quantity has never been more relevant, and SEO writers are trained to weave SEO best practices into their creative writing skills to create content that ranks and resonates.  
  • Web design. Your SEO campaigns should be diverse and multifunctional; poor web designs have a major impact on the user experience, which can ultimately slide your page further down the search rank. Adding a web designer to your team of SEO experts can give you peace of mind that your website and landing pages are designed to increase engagement and drive conversions.
  • Content marketing strategists. Taking on the responsibility of managing your own SEO services can be complex, especially if you’re running a business or you play another vital role in that organization. A content marketing strategist can perform audits and analytical reviews to help you create a strategy that builds brand awareness, generates leads, converts customers into brand advocates and boosts your revenue. 

See? Just like organic fruits and vegetables (and every other item labeled “organic” by the USDA), organic SEO services can be just as wholesome and valuable. Find an SEO agency or SEO specialists with search engine marketing under their belts. Connecting with the best SEO company introduces you to quality content creation and optimal SEO work, which can ultimately help you feel better about moving to an organic SEO strategy. 

Chelsey Church is a senior writer and editor at Brafton. When she's not turning her thoughts into copy, she's enjoying a craft beer, playing with her dogs or listening to her favorite metal tunes. A Cleveland native, she'll never let you forget that the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.