Jessica Barker

There’s nothing like a long holiday weekend to inspire social media success. We’re sharing a roundup of successful Labor Day social media posts to inspire your content creation efforts, along with top tips for sharing posts that are relevant, engaging and useful for your followers.

Why is Labor Day a Great Time for Social Media Posts?

Recognized on the first Monday of September each year, Labor Day is a federal observance that’s officially “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.”

But it’s also a low-key holiday that represents the last hurrah of summer.

For many 9-to-5 workers, Labor Day means a long weekend. It’s that last little break before the kids go back to school and summer Friday hours cease. Labor Day might mean firing up the barbeque grill or hitting the beach for the last time — before taking advantage of some end-of-season sales, of course.

It’s a Major Moment for Retail Holiday Marketing

As a result, Labor Day weekend is a busy time and a big business opportunity for industries like retail, hospitality and tourism.

That frenzy of consumer activity makes this September observance a social media holiday in its own right. Businesses can take to social media to let consumers know that their doors are open, while publishing compelling content that creates a sense of urgency around the deals on offer.

It’s also a chance to target specific consumer groups with messages that appeal to their changing needs. For instance, parents are hunting for back-to-school savings. But grillmasters and outdoors enthusiasts might be inclined to stock up on discounted gear for the following year.

Even B2B marketers can take advantage of the spending and saving mindset, with the last quarter of the year fast approaching.

3 B2B and B2C Labor Day Social Media Posts We Love — And Why

Now that you know why it’s important to include Labor Day social media posts into your content calendar, let’s take a look at a few examples from recent years:

1. Red Wing Shoes Remembers the True Meaning of Labor Day

For our first case study, we return to the roots of Labor Day’s history with Red Wing Shoes. Following a tradition of holiday awareness campaigns, the shoe company launched the hashtag #RedWingNotOnSale last year with a short but poignant video aiming to “reclaim the true meaning of Labor Day.”

Whereas some retailers push Labor Day sales that negatively affect their employees (seemingly disregarding the holiday’s history of the workers’ rights movement), Red Wing Shoes sets itself apart by calling attention to advocating for the American worker. In a separate press release, the company also announced it would donate 100% of its Labor Day profits to several organizations dedicated to supporting skilled trades.

These posts speak volumes about the brand’s core values, building a connection between the business and its consumers.

2. Ford Shows Appreciation For Its Builders

Labor Day is more than just a long weekend — it’s a celebration of the people who drive the world forward. While your clients and customers certainly support your business, the real engine is your employees.

Ford knows this well. That’s why its 2022 Labor Day social media post is geared toward Ford Builders.

This simple post honors the people who keep the wheels turning (quite literally). If you’re struggling for ideas, consider shining a spotlight on your workers in a happy Labor Day post.

3. The U.S. Department of Labor Honors Every Hard Worker

Who knows better about celebrating this national day than the U.S. Department of Labor?

Last year, the government agency created a set of graphics in honor of Labor Day, including remarks from U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh.

Adding a Labor Day quote acknowledging your workers is a great way to add a personal touch to your brand that really resonates with both employees and customers. In addition to these words of wisdom, the department also promised to provide jobseekers with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

3 Tips to Keep Your Labor Day Social Media Post on Theme

As you piece together some creative Labor Day social media posts, here are some tips for giving your followers holiday-themed content to dig into:

1. Incorporate Labor Day ‘Branding’ Into Your Brand Content

Because it’s an all-American holiday, you’ll see a lot of patriotic imagery in use around Labor Day. But this doesn’t mean you need to switch to full-on red, white and blue. While this might work on Facebook or disappearing Story posts, it can look jarring on a carefully-curated Instagram feed.

To avoid this, you can make a smooth transition into a patriotic palette in the days leading up to your Labor Day social media posts. Start sharing posts with a hint of red and a bit of blue. By the time the social media holiday rolls around, you will have eased your imagery into the right color scheme.

Another option is to play with stars, stripes and other American motifs using your own brand colors. Consider incorporating festive elements like fireworks, too, when creating Labor Day social media posts. Or, create Rosie the Riveter-style graphics that represent the contributions of American workers in various professions.

Seamlessly uniting the Labor Day “brand” with your company’s current visual branding will help your graphics stand out and reinforce brand recognition.

2. Let Customers Know If and When You’ll Be Open

The one downside of a federal holiday is that it’s never entirely clear which brands are open for business or which shops will have limited hours. Use your online presence to set the right expectations and remove the frustration from the customer experience.

If you have a brick-and-mortar presence, make sure to update your Google My Business account with holiday hours. This way, local searchers can see when your doors will be open.

Additionally, publish your updated hours on social media. By sharing the dates and times in an eye-catching graphic rather than a caption, users can instantly find the post and answers they’re looking for without having to scroll and scrutinize.

3. Don’t Forget the Holiday’s Roots

Although Labor Day is a favorite time for sales and promotions, it’s important to recognize the history of the holiday. In the 19th century, employees had few rights and often had to work in harsh or even dangerous environments. Through many strikes and protests, workers achieved shorter hours and better conditions. Henry Ford would even double his workers’ wages in 1914, and, after doubling profits in 2 years, his rivals began to see the benefits.

This Labor Day weekend, consider celebrating more than discounts by recognizing the hard work you and your employees put in. That doesn’t mean you can’t run sales — just remember who this holiday is really for.

Get Ready to Ideate (Then Celebrate)

Whether your Labor Day marketing strategy involves raising awareness around job opportunities, announcing your holiday hours or spotlighting your hardworking employees, make sure each content idea adds value to your audience around this holiday.

And one last thing: You and your marketing team deserve a break over the holiday weekend! Plan ahead and populate your content calendar with a weekend of ready-to-go Labor Day social media posts.

Editor’s Note: Updated January 2023.