There are the holidays we all know and love, typically marked by a much-anticipated day off of work. Then there are the quirky designated days that can add some oomph to your social media strategy.

Also known as hashtag holidays, these aren’t your typical days of celebration. If it exists in the public sphere, odds are there’s a social media holiday to honor it. That means they can get a tad ridiculous – yes, National Umbrella Day is in fact a real holiday – but they’re still a lot of fun to sprinkle into your content calendar. They can also be lifesavers when you’re running dry on social content ideas.

The trick is to avoid going overboard, deliberately choosing the ones that are actually relevant for your brand and current marketing campaigns. When used well, these wacky holidays can add brand personality to your social media presence and generate exciting levels of engagement from your audience.

Ready to celebrate? Here are some social media holidays worthy of adding to your content calendar.

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Jan. 4: National Trivia Day

This one is easy for any brand to use – just post interesting facts or trivia questions that are pertinent to your products, services or industry. You can even create a contest and reward your followers with prizes or discounts to drive engagement.

Jan. 20: Cheese Lover’s Day

I love cheese so much I could eat it with every meal of every day – and there’s a chance your followers are just as obsessed. This one might be a bit tricky to work into your social media content calendar if you’re targeting a vegan audience, but otherwise you’re free to have fun with this wacky holiday.


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Feb. 9: National Pizza Day

Is pizza part of your social media strategy? It certainly could be. Everyone loves a good slice, so grab their attention with a quirky post about pizza.

Feb. 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Show your followers your socially conscious side with a #RandomActsofKindessDay post.


March 1 (2019): National Employee Appreciation Day

The first Friday of the month goes to your fantastic employees.

March 18: Awkward Moments Day

This one definitely falls into the category of wacky holidays. It’s a celebration of the awkward and embarrassing moments that we all know way too well.


April 7: National Beer Day

This is a given for brewers and restaurateurs, but it can also make for a fun post that any brand’s audience can relate to.

April 22: Earth Day

What does your company do to help our precious planet? This is the perfect time to share with your audience. At the very least, you can simply show Earth some love.


May 2 (2019): World Password Day

Celebrated on the first Thursday of May each year, this social media holiday promotes better password habits. It may seem super niche, but it’s incredibly relevant in the age of scary data breaches.

May 17 (2019): Endangered Species Day

Join the efforts to protect animals and habitats that are in danger. You’re definitely obligated to share a post if your products, services or mission are even remotely connected to the environment.


June 7 (2019): National Doughnut Day

This fan favorite is the perfect excuse to have doughnuts for breakfast in the office – and share the fun with social media users.

June 8: World Oceans Day

Here’s another opportunity to share your love for Mother Nature.


July 1: International Joke Day

Time to drop your best one-liners – or ask your audience to crack some jokes. Don’t forget to add graphics, GIFs, emojis and videos to the fun.

July 15: National Give Something Away Day

What better time to treat your followers to a cheeky gift or get your hands dirty volunteering in your local community? Make room in your social media content calendar to share the experience.


Aug. 9: Book Lovers Day

This day is about honoring the written word. If you have a book to promote, this is a no-brainer post. Otherwise, it’s time to get creative and tie reading into your social media strategy for the day.

Aug. 26: National Dog Day

As if you even needed an excuse to share pictures of adorable dogs … Extra points if they belong to your employees!


Sep. 28: National Good Neighbor Day

This social media holiday is perfect if you’re in the business of real estate, home improvement or travel. For any brand, though, it’s another opportunity to showcase that socially conscious side again and highlight involvement in the community.

Sep. 30: International Podcast Day

Share your favorite podcasts with your followers – or better yet, toot your own horn a little with a #PodcastDay post featuring a link to your own show.


Oct. 1: International Coffee Day

The majority of the world is addicted to this caffeinated beverage, so why not share a #relatable post about #InternationalCoffeeDay?

Oct. 30: Checklist Day

We’ll admit that this one is totally strange, but it certainly opens up plenty of possibilities for various brands.


Nov. 21: National Entrepreneurs Day

Take a break from the Turkey Day and Black Friday mentions to celebrate the innovative professionals (aka your bosses) who made your business a reality. You can also give a shout out to the partners, customers or role models your company values.

Nov. 27 (2019): Giving Tuesday

Send out some good vibes on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving with another giveaway. If you’re a startup or charity in need of donations, this is also a good way to ask for them through engaging social content. Alternatively, share ideas for ways people can give back. Bonus points if at least one of those methods involves your product or service.


Dec. 10: Nobel Prize Day

Odds are there’s at least one person in your industry who’s earned a Nobel Prize. Use this social media holiday as an opportunity to share a fun post about them.

Dec. 26: Thank You Note Day

Time to thank the people who make it possible to keep your doors open. Consider making separate posts for your customers and employees. It’s also the perfect opportunity to promote your products or services if they’re relevant to writing thank you notes.

Get in the holiday spirit and start planning a social media calendar filled with the perfect amount of wacky holidays.

Stevie Snow is a writer at Brafton. Yes, she is named after Stevie Nicks. She’s a believer in "to life, to life, l’chaim!" because life is what brings us the Obamas, a really smooth vodka tonic and that moment on the dance floor when your favorite banger plays.