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A picture of a sandwich, with each ingredient flanked by supporting text to represent an aspect of Brafton's infographics service.

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Just as people do judge books by their covers, online shoppers will judge your business based on what they see when they arrive on your site and encounter your brand elsewhere on the web. Brafton’s Graphic Designers work with our Content Writers to create custom visual content that tells a compelling story on behalf of your brand.

From exclusive infographics and rich formats for white papers to custom images for blog posts, your Content Marketing Strategist helps you find the best visual content mix for your business goals.

Power thought leadership marketing with visual content

The combined efforts of Brafton’s skilled Graphic Designers and industry-focused Content Writers produce infographics that appeal to target audiences with substantive, relevant information in an easily digestible format. Eighty-three percent of consumers’ learning happens visually, and they’ll be more likely to remember your brand if you teach them about valuable industry demands, trends or best practices with graphic content.

Even adding simple custom graphics to illustrate your news articles, blog posts, landing pages and other site content increases the likelihood that visitors will pay attention to what your brand has to say: Color visuals increase willingness to read by up to 80 percent.

Amplify search optimization with infographics and correlating website content

Web spiders can’t crawl images, but infographics are proven linkbait and sharebait, which means they can still ramp up your search visibility.

Plus, as Brafton Content Writers work with our Graphic Designers on information for your visual content, they create original blogs, articles or landing pages to accompany the infographics on your site, using the keywords reflected in the image. This ensures that search engines give you credit for the core key phrases your graphics address.

Accelerate social interaction with compelling graphics

Visual content generates more engagement across the leading social networks. On Facebook, adding an image to shared text boosts engagement by 37 percent, and for networks like Pinterest or Tumblr, visuals completely power shares.

Brafton’s infographics will fuel Likes, Retweets, shares, comments and social traffic. Our Social Media Managers can share your graphics in niche networks, where you’ll reach highly relevant audiences for maximum returns.

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