What is a Content Marketing Platform?

What is a Content Marketing Platform?

A content marketing platform (CMP) is a software solution that centralizes digital marketing activities and simplifies the content production workflow. A quality CMP grants access to your marketing team members, deliverables and documents, analytics and reports.

The right content marketing platform for your brand is one that’s catered to your needs, your goals and your team. That’s what the Brafton CMP delivers.

We are the first leading content marketing provider with in-house creative resources and custom-built software that enables the seamless execution of marketing campaigns.

Brafton’s CMP gives you a direct line to every content creator on your Brafton marketing team. It’s a content hub that also grants you fast and easy access to each content piece we’ve created for your brand from every stage of the content creation process, from ideation to review.

Benefits of Brafton’s Content Marketing Platform

Benefits of Brafton’s Content Marketing Platform

Brafton’s Content Marketing Platform supports the seamless delivery of Brafton-fueled content marketing campaigns. We’ve spent the past 10+ years perfecting our approach to content marketing. We know what it takes to create quality content that’s meaningful to your audience. We understand how to tailor our expertise to your industry and brand.

Most importantly, we know that an effective marketing program doesn’t depend solely on original content creation. Seamless collaboration, strategic planning, careful analysis and a willingness to adjust your approach are also essential to content marketing success.

That’s why we made it our mission to create a content marketing solution that brings all of these elements together. Our CMP was developed specifically to alleviate the most common challenges that marketers face when creating their content marketing campaigns.


Increased insight into project statuses

Your projects are organized by status, showing clearly which ones:

Are in planning.

Need feedback from your team.

Are currently being worked on.

Have been completed.

You’ll never wonder what the status of a project is. By keeping track of where in the content creation process each deliverable is, you’ll be able to act quickly when an item is ready for your review and to see clearly when your content creator is working on your project.

This feature also feeds into your editorial calendar, allowing you to plan your marketing campaigns accordingly.


Seamless communication between content creators and stakeholders

Each project has a timeline, with due dates for every phase. See which phases have been completed, and when you can expect the rest to be concluded. All related documents are organized and easily found, keeping the most recent version of every project at your fingertips.

Easily collaborate with your Project Manager and content creation team to provide feedback and approve deliverables every step of the way.


Clear visibility into the success of campaigns

Data is key to content marketing success.

We make it easy to see the results of your content marketing efforts so you can rest assured you’re on the right track—or help you pivot your strategy to meet your goals.

See how well your content is performing, which channels are driving website traffic and and in which locales with the overview report. Custom reports show you in greater detail:

  • Which channels are driving traffic.
  • Your top performing organic landing pages.
  • The devices your audience uses to access your site.
  • The keywords that are supporting website visibility.

Armed with this information, your marketing team will discern whether you’re effectively reaching your target audience and how well your content resonates with them.


Total transparency into contract progress

See every Statement of Work, including how many units are included, how many have been completed, how many are in progress and how many you have left to allocate to future projects.

Brafton’s contracts are based on units, which can be allocated across any of our departments. By keeping track of contracted deliverables and tracking your available credits, you’ll be able pivot spending on an as-needed basis, giving you complete control and flexibility over the content production process.

Make sure you’re investing in the right content for the right audience at the right time.


Coordinated digital asset management keeps assets readily available

All related documents are stored in the CMP, allowing you to access the most recent version of every project at any time, whether we’re creating the outline, editing the first draft or sharing a completed, designed asset.

Additionally, your Content Library lays out every piece of original content we’ve created for you, making it easy to find any asset at a moment’s notice. Not a single blog post, infographic or case study will be out of place.

Having an immediate and clear view into every deliverable you’ve received from us also makes planning your campaigns simple. Need to build out a new marketing campaign with existing content? No problem—just scroll through your Content Library to see your available assets.

Brafton CMP Features

The Brafton CMP is a content marketing solution that has every feature a marketer needs to seamlessly integrate their content plan into their marketing program.

Meet your team

See your Content Marketing Strategist (CMS) and Project Manager (PM), and easily find their contact information for quick communication. See who your content creators are, including the writers, designers, social media strategists, videographers and/or animators on your account.

Plan your editorial calendar

The content calendar allows you to plan your campaigns, decide when to publish and promote assets and review your past actions. Determine when you’ll publish your next blog post, launch your next campaign and distribute the digital content you can’t wait to share.

Provide project feedback

In-app communication gives you the chance to quickly provide feedback, request changes and approve outlines, copy, custom imagery and video content. Every comment and edit is logged and accessible for easy access and quick turnaround.

Download every deliverable

Each project houses every deliverable we create, from the outline to the final draft to the finished asset. Plus, in your Content Library, you’ll see the final version of each project we’ve completed for you.

Access every document

Content marketing partnerships involve tons of documents—from your brand guidelines to the creative briefs to your statements of work to the outlines to each piece of content we create. Every document has a home in the CMP so you can quickly find what you need.

Review and order analytics reports

Don’t wonder whether your marketing strategy is working or whether the content experience on your website clicks with your visitors. See your actual success by reviewing your past ROI reports and ordering analytics reports to show you how you’re doing.

View project statuses

You’ll never have to wonder when you’ll receive your assets; clear project statuses show you when each phase is due to be completed, and whether a project is currently being worked on.

See all our services in our content catalog

Content marketing is a never-ending journey. Find your next project by easily accessing our content catalog to see our full range of capabilities.

How the Brafton CMP Works

From your dashboard, you’ll get an eagle-eye’s view of your account, including:

  • Your projects, including how many are in planning, being worked on, require your feedback and have been completed.
  • Your Brafton team, including your CMS, PM and content creators.
  • Your current Statement of Work, including how many units you’ve purchased, how many are remaining.
  • Your upcoming projects, including when to expect each deliverable.
  • Your completed projects, including links to each document.
  • Your creative brief, including an overview of your organization and brand guidelines.
  • Your reports, including information from platforms like Google Analytics and SEMrush.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can easily manage every piece of your content marketing strategy.

From here, you can:

View each project, review scheduled deliveries and provide feedback.

Receive email alerts when your feedback or approval is needed on a specific project stage or item.

Seamlessly message with your PM to ask questions, gather information or provide direction.

Search for and download the assets we’ve completed for you, including blog articles, custom design documents and video files.

Monitor campaign performance through the Analytics Module, and review reports with your CMS.

Order inclusive reporting from your CMS or review completed ROI presentations.

Browse our Content Catalog to brainstorm and plan your next campaign.

Fuel Your Brand. Supercharge Your Campaign.

The Brafton Content Marketing Platform is designed to streamline our partnership and make your content marketing strategy as lucrative for your brand as possible.

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