Art meets strategy

First impressions start with a glance. Our team of professional designers create infographics, formatted content and custom designs that catch customers’ attention and communicate the right message in just one look.

Stop web traffic in its tracks


We want to simplify your messaging for fast-moving web users. Our custom graphics get them to slow down long enough to learn about your offering and its value. People’s willingness to read content increases 80% if it’s visual.

All of our designs are completely customized to your business, in support all of your online marketing objectives.

Graphics can stand alone – but they shouldn’t. Our designers are an integral part of your complete Brafton content marketing team, so graphics are consistent with editorial and video content in support the same online marketing goals.

You're a pro.

Our graphics keep you looking like one.

Appearances are everything. When you use Brafton graphics as part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy, we’ll make sure you’re presenting a distinct and recognizable front across all your content – no matter where customers find it online.


When you invest in one high-impact visual, you can earn links and clicks from visual searchers. But you also get on-brand assets that you can repurpose to make blogs more enticing, or offer as snackable social posts. And seeding your images into web pages, corporate videos – even offline documents – creates an opportunity to support broader branding efforts.

SEO – People search for fast answers. Content with images get 47% more clicks. 

SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT – It’s hard to stand out on social. Images get more Likes, Retweets, +1s and Shares.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP – 83% of consumers are visual learners. Graphics help them remember your message and your brand.  


As with all organic strategies, your mileage will vary. However, Brafton’s proud that our graphics have been picked up by a wide variety of publications like:

Huffington Post, Mashable, PC Mag,, Read Write Web 
And many more …

Whether your graphics are featured in prestigious publications or simply earn additional quality inbound links for your site, a good visual content strategy will encourage traffic, clicks and shares to support your overall web presence.

Results you can SEE: Graphic success stories

MobileCause moved wanted more traffic – and more converting traffic. With a quarterly infographic strategy, Brafton’s graphic and editorial teams create visual content on hard-hitting topics that catch new clicks and qualified leads for the brand.

More Client Examples