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When executing a content marketing strategy, you want to feel comfortable that your news, blogs and articles reflect the core values of your business while demonstrating expertise. The content provided by Brafton is crafted to your custom editorial brief – a document you and your account manager develop and manage to ensure your content is on target.

The brief covers audience targeting, diversity of content types, SEO keyword strategies, conversion optimization plans and more to ensure Brafton content fuels your unique business goals. Your results are in the driver’s seat, and the editorial brief is regularly updated to amplify the content and strategies that perform best for your brand.

“The editorial brief process has helped us not only steer the direction for the content that Brafton has produced for us, but has also helped us refine the content that we produce internally for our site, giving us a comprehensive plan for the future.”

Carrie Van Brunt
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Dynamic Content Marketing

Establishing the editorial brief is the first step in Brafton’s content marketing service. The document outlines the type of content that best fits your brand and business goals. Your account manager will take you through a structured process to create your editorial brief, but the document’s development is flexible.

As your journalists provide on-brief content, you’re free to offer daily feedback and set up editorial reviews. The brief is also revisited based on the success rates of unique content pages across search, social and email channels.

Enhanced Targeting

Brafton works with you to profile your target audience and their informational needs related to your industry. Based on your core demographics, your brief reflects the standards for style, language, tone, sources, geographic focus and assumed industry knowledge that will best engage your audience.

SEO Keyword and Social Strategies

Your account manager will help you research an appropriate keyword strategy to match searches from your audience and promote visibility in search and social spaces. These keywords are highlighted in your brief, and Brafton journalists incorporate them seamlessly into your news content.

Brand Building

Ultimately, the custom editorial brief is what sets a business apart from other businesses within an industry, and the content published will be affiliated exclusively with your brand, since there is no Brafton byline required.