With broadband internet quickly becoming the norm throughout the United States, more organizations are beginning to hold virtual networking events. Just as quality content is key to SEO and attracting online traffic, it seems to be vital to attracting audiences for virtual events.

At these virtual events, high-value content is king. According to a recent study conducted by MarketingProfs and virtual event service provider ON24 relayed by eMarketer, nearly four-fifths of attendees (77 percent) download content, such as white papers or resource guides.

Quality content also appears to be a driving attraction to these events, eMarketer notes. While 61 percent of frequent attendees said they had never paid any money to go to a virtual meetup, they would do so if they felt the content offered was compelling enough. Moreover, 92 percent of marketers say specialized content makes them more willing to pay for online events. Thus, businesses that sync their content with conference agendas are also more likely to generate views and downloads.

The survey highlights the importance of generating valuable and engaging content. Many web users are willing to pay money to gain access to high-quality content, and by meeting this demand, businesses may find themselves on the receiving end of more website traffic and sales – whether content is shared via virtual events or published online. In fact, Brafton has reported that nearly half of B2B and B2C marketers are increasing their investment in content marketing this year.

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