How do marketers handle content challenges? Twitter #cmQs insights

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by Brafton Editorial
Review some of our favorite answers from today's live Twitter chat - #cmQs

Brafton held its first live Twitter chat today on the challenges content marketers face when developing their strategies. It was wildly successful, reaching a speed of 85.7 Tweets per hour. In the next few days, we’ll be sharing our insights to help those who struggle with content creation. We’ll also share tips from other experts who participated in the Twitter chat on how to mitigate those challenges. Below we’ve outlined the questions and included some of our favorite responses – enjoy!

Q1: How often should you add fresh content to your website for SEO? For loyalty? #cmQs

Q2: What’s the most important question to ask about your prospects or customers to create audience-responsive content? #cmQs

Q3: How (and why) do you measure engagement for content marketing? #cmQs

Q4: How do you stay connected and interact with real-time social users who want immediate responses? #cmQs

Q5: Besides testimonials, how can brands create meaningful videos for content marketing? (Viral is not an answer) #cmQs

Q6: What’s your secret to a content marketing editorial calendar that works? #cmQs

To participate in our next chat, connect with @Brafton or contact us directly here, we’d love to hear from you.


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