Whether its through video or search engine marketing, Google and its associated properties are key to reaching the widest audience. According to recent data provided to the Wall Street Journal by comScore, Google and its children websites generated more than 1 billion unique views from consumers during the month of May.

Google's unique visitor count surged 8.4 percent, topping the 1 billion mark last month, making the search giant the first internet company to hit this milestone. Microsoft's unique views were up as well, topping off at 905 million. Meanwhile, Facebook's traffic saw a tremendous uptick, improving by 30 percent to 714 million visitors.

ComScore began measuring global website viewing data in 2006. At the time Microsoft was No. 1, with 539 million views per month. However, recent Google acquisitions – including the incredibly popular YouTube portal – and the rise of the company's search engine have enabled Google to top its competitors.

While its search and video advertising options offer marketers a number of ways to interact with consumers, Google is making further pushes into the display category. According to data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, display was the fastest-growing channel in 2010, gaining 3 percent market share year-over-year.

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