YouTube may allow brands to charge users for access to video content

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by Brafton Editorial
YouTube may help brands profit from their video marketing efforts by creating a paid service for the website.

YouTube reaches more than 800 million monthly active consumers. This impressive user base embraces video content from amateur clips to cat videos to spotlights on their favorite brands. As video marketing emerges as another dimension of content marketing, organizations must wonder how they can get their content in front of viewers ,convincing them to opt-in to viewing the visual aids.

YouTube PaidAccording to various reports, YouTube may allow brands to charge for access to certain channels or specific videos. While on the outside this event may push some prospects away, it could also create an exclusive brand community that online shoppers want to become part of in the immediate future.

AdAge reported that YouTube began reaching out to a small group of producers to gauge interest in the service. More, it seems as if the first paid channels will cost between $1 and $5 a month – not such a significant investment. How will brands use paid channels to engage their audiences? Clearly, these videos – the clips that users will pay for – must cater to an audience that has already shown interest in branded products or services. Companies would falter if they try to leverage YouTube’s paid channels for lead generation.

Video marketing has become a hot topic as of late, and brands look to gain an edge over the competition any way possible. Interestingly, YouTube understands the demand for video content creation and production, and wants to provide brands the ability to profit from their uploads directly.

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