Content Analysis

Part of our content analytics expertise lies in the asset-level analysis we perform. Rather than assess the larger strategy at quarterly or annual intervals and call it a day, we conduct ongoing competitive analyses and page-by-page performance audits so we’re continuously in tune with what’s working and what’s not.

Every decision we make is backed by hard data, which means your content is hyper-targeted to specific personas, commercial intent and search behavior.

This data-driven approach allows us to speak your customers’ language.

Web Analytics

Inside the many analytics dashboards we live in are the web metrics that guide our reporting. Every Brafton strategist, consultant, project manager and writer is trained in Google Analytics. We also have extensive experience on other platforms like HubSpot, SproutSocial, Searchmetrics, Moz, SEMrush and many more.

Brafton is an official Google AdWords Partner and has earned credential specializations in Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising and Shopping Advertising.

Needless to say, we can work with whatever tool is necessary to make your strategy a success.

Business Intelligence is Content Intelligence

Top-quality content is now intelligently designed. The creative bar is higher, and search engines are sophisticated enough to actually outsmart the engineers that built them.

We integrate your company’s business intelligence with semantic search insights, establishing content intelligence.

We know in advance what to measure, what to create and what to expect.

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