Dominick Sorrentino

As far back as the 5th grade, Jarod Spiewak loved to write. This was around the time he began crafting horror-movie fan fictions. Think “Child’s Play” and “Cube” retold on loose leaf paper. In these stories, he would find inventive ways to kill off his friends.

His friends were so eager to hear how they would die, that they started paying him for his work. Jarod used these earnings to buy Slim Jims on his way home from school.

They say hindsight is 20/20, and in hindsight Jarod was destined to be one of two things: A psycho killer, or a natural-born creative entrepreneur.

Spoiler alert: We do not bring psycho killers onto our show.

However, we did bring on a dude who got his first marketing job at the age 14, graduated high school by the time he was 16, and successfully started an SEO business before hitting the age of 25.

On this episode of Above the Fold, we interviewed a bona fide wunderkind. When he’s famous in 10 years, just remember that you heard about him here first.

So go ahead and earn your (and our) future bragging rights

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • What it means to run a truly data-informed PPC campaign.
  • Some good ‘80s and ‘90s cult classics to watch.
  • How to finish high school in ~2 years (get your time machines ready).
  • Some unexpected benefits of choosing clients selectively.
  • So much more.

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(Not So) Context-Free Quote of the Week

“I love that you killed your friends off for Slim Jims.”