Dominick Sorrentino

I’m proud of Jeff and Francis. They’ve come a long way as podcasters since their first ranty episode way back in 2018, and this episode is proof of it.

For starters, Greg Digneo of Content Guppy is just a fantastic guest. He’s a great storyteller with a wonderfully simple way of wording things, and he’s a down-to-Earth guy who’s taken some hard knocks on his journey as an SEO entrepreneur. He has an interesting approach to keyword research (discussed at 25 minutes) that you’ll certainly appreciate, and a refreshingly honest view of what SEO accomplishes.

Moreover, you’ll actually learn a lot on this episode just through casual listening, and Jeff and Francis deserve some of the credit there for facilitating a great conversation. Seriously. I know you would expect me to say these are good episodes. But if you’ve read one of these recaps before, we’re not in the game of pulling our self-directed punches.

I guess I’ll stop there and just let you listen:

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • A good amount about the mindset needed to oversee a content marketing business.
  • Some actionable advice about how to oversee said business.
  • Super useful keyword research tips and strategies.
  • Backlinking wisdom (and some examples of what NOT to do).

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