Chelsey Church

They say content is king.

This phrase is defined by the idea that premium, high-quality content has a major impact on the marketing strategy of a company and its ability to succeed from a digital platform. This is certainly true, but it goes much deeper than uploading a weekly blog article and encouraging consumers to read it. It’s about hiring content experts who have the skills, knowledge and ability to craft content in a way that resonates with audiences and also ensures ROI.

In this edition of Content Marketing Weekly, we’ll touch on the importance of following trends, taking on specialization and finding that content marketing hero who can share stories in a strategic and interesting way.

How to Create Content Marketing Unicorns

We all know unicorns as mythical creatures – that are also quite trendy at the moment. Content marketing unicorns are individuals who stand out in the industry, are rare to find and can transform a strategy that stimulates raw interest in a brand.

“In today’s vernacular unicorn is shorthand for something that is a rarity, and great content marketing is rare,” Forbes contributor Henry DeVries wrote. “Content marketing is creating and sharing online material that does not explicitly promote a product, service, or brand but is intended to stimulate interest.”

In an interview with DeVries, Ross Kimbarovsky, CEO of an online marketplace for crowdsourced creative services, recommended the following tips for finding – and creating – your own content marketing unicorn:

  • Encourage easy-to-read content that’s short, sweet and to the point.
  • Create content that creates a strong connection with your audience.
  • Use emotion – it evokes decision-making.
  • Always use CTAs.
  • Share content via social channels that resonate with your brand.

Learn more about finding a content marketing unicorn here.

[Infographic] Top Content Marketing Trends in 2019 – SEMrush Study

Value: It’s what’s most important when it comes to content marketing.

Is your copy valuable to the reader? Does it resonate with your audience in a way that will benefit your company in the long run?

Understanding how to craft the most valuable content marketing strategy doesn’t only create brand awareness, but it also keeps readers coming back for more. One way to ensure this is by keeping up with the latest trends.

What’s going on in the content marketing world that can keep your brand relevant? Below are some of the content marketing trends of 2019 based on Twitter and Google search that can help you adjust your strategy for the start of the new year:

  • The top five hashtags used with #contentmarketing included #digitalmarketing #marketing #SEO #socialmedia and #smm.
  • The top five topics discussed while using #contentmarketing included strategy, social media, SEO, statistics and blogging.
  • The top five content marketing influencers on Twitter included @MikeSchiemer, @evankirstel, @jeffbullas, @larrykim and @BenKamauDigital.
  • Five of the most popular google search topics included strategy, SEO, agency, B2B and tools.
  • The most asked question about content marketing on google was: What is content marketing?
Top hashtags and topics that go with content marketing

Check out the SEMRush infographic in its entirety here.

94 Helpful, Handy Content Marketing Tools

With the new year right around the corner, many content marketers are doing one of two things:

  1. Getting ready to recycle their current marketing strategy.
  2. Revisiting their strategy to better fit wants, needs and upcoming goals.

No matter which lane you’re in, there’s never enough helpful hints, tricks and tools to help you achieve your goals and make your content marketing strategy more efficient. There are so many different creative and strategic instruments you can leave in your back pocket to help you along the way.

And thanks to PR Daily, we have a whole list of different tools to utilize if you need inspiration. Some of them include:

  • For copywriting: The AP Stylebook Twitter feed, Capitalize My Title, Grammarly.
  • For data sourcing:, Data360, Google Scholar.
  • For design: Adobe Creative Cloud, Palettable, Font Squirrel.
  • For general inspo: Alltop, Google Trends, Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator.

There’s plenty more where that came from. Check out the entire list from PR Daily here.

The key to content marketing is focusing not only on the marketing aspect, but ensuring the content is king. A perfect combination of the two allows companies to connect with their audiences and build trust and brand awareness.