When the word “tweet” comes to mind, more often than not you’re thinking about hashtags and quirky thoughts, not the sound heard on an early summer morning. While Twitter has only been around since 2006, it’s still made quite a name for itself as a social media platform, coming in as the sixth most popular social networking site.

In last week’s edition of Content Marketing Weekly, we discussed some of the latest Twitter trends based on an SEMRush study. While hashtag usage and strategy discussions reign supreme for content marketers in the land of tweets, there’s plenty more where that came from.

This week, we’ll discuss more reasons why maintaining a Twitter account is essential for your brand:

10 Active Twitter Chats Marketers Should Follow in 2019

Chatting online started with message boards, chat rooms and instant messenger via AOL, the OG that shut down late 2017. Today, we have apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, as well as the ever-popular and simple text messaging feature on our phones. Twitter might not have its own messaging component, but it doesn’t have to – Twitter chats are alive and well, and they can be very beneficial for the content marketer.

In a recent G2 Crowd article, Lauren Pope described Twitter chats as conversations using a hashtag to find different discussions and questions in the Twitter community that connect you to other users – or in this case, other marketers. Hashtags like #AdweekChat, #CMWorld, #SEMRushChat and the simple yet efficient #ContentChat can get you talking about SEO, strategy and everything in between. It’s also the perfect opportunity to be a thought leader in the industry. Start your own conversation about trending content and best practices.

Learn more about twitter chats here. And join Brafton’s next chat by following the #BraftonBuzz hashtag.

Twitter is Looking to Hire a ‘Master in the Art of Twitter’ to Become its Tweeter in Chief

Whether an editor in chief or the commander in chief, a person who holds authority in the workplace is expected to know the ins and outs of the job and make critical decisions for the business. After years of assigning the position of head tweeter to employees who didn’t use or understand public communication to the level of expectation, Twitter has come to the conclusion that it’s time to hire its own head honcho, or a “Tweeter in Chief.”

This new posting, which went live on the company’s career site roughly two weeks ago, solicits the best candidate to talk to users of the social media platform under the handle @Twitter. This person is expected to set the tone and represent Twitter in a way that’s respectful, lively and in the know, and also have some fun on the account. Like this:

Today, social media plays a huge role in the world of marketing. Twitter now understands that it should be focusing on its own strategy, and how its platform can be as beneficial to itself as it is to other companies and businesses.

“Twitter itself is realizing that it needs some of the same marketing magic its platform has gifted fast food brands, streaming services, and cookie companies,” wrote Nick Statt for The Verge.

Maybe Twitter should reach out to someone like Barack Obama, whose account is one of the most followed to date. He clearly knows what he’s doing, and I’m pretty sure he’s technically out of work right now.

Learn about becoming the Tweeter in Chief here.

Essential Social Media Metrics for Content Marketing

Social media platforms are valuable tools for marketers, there’s no denying that. By tracking the right metrics, you can optimize your engagement and improve your strategy over time. Specifically, Twitter lets you track your reach, reporting analytics associated with any given tweet in regard to tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions and new followers gained.

Other metrics are more straightforward. For example, maintaining a high number of followers indicates that your tweets are reaching a lot of people, and an increase in likes and retweets is a good sign that your content is going beyond your followers to a larger audience. Greater reach means more potential followers, thus growing your audience and making your products or services more marketable.

Read the full story on social media metrics here.

That’s it for this edition of Content Marketing Weekly. Swing back next week for more of the latest news and trending topics in content!

Chelsey Church is a senior writer and editor at Brafton. When she's not turning her thoughts into copy, she's enjoying a craft beer, playing with her dogs or listening to her favorite metal tunes. A Cleveland native, she'll never let you forget that the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.