Four content marketers discuss the changes they've seen while working at Brafton over the past three years.

Did you know the average Millennial will average 15 to 20 jobs throughout their professional life? That means a new job every two to three years. Gone are the days when a college graduate lands a job, works his way up the ladder, and retires having had one employer for 30+ years.

At Brafton, the broad majority of our workforce falls within the Millennial age-range (born between 1980 and 1996). We understand this generation trends toward a desire for new challenges and change – so we’ve created career growth opportunities that allow our teammates to experience new positions – all under the Brafton roof.  

Here’s a look at four teammates – all of whom have experienced several different job titles and departments during their Brafton tenure.

Brafton's video production manager Tim Griffin.

Brafton’s video production manager Tim Griffin.

Tim Griffin: Writer > Video Scriptwriter > Video Production Manager
Tim Griffin joined the Brafton team in 2010 with a background in broadcast television news. Quickly becoming one of our top writers, Tim was promoted to a finance editor position before he returned to his initial roots of scriptwriting. 
“When I started with the video team there wasn’t really an open position, I just created it and started laying the framework for it to expand,” he said. “I wasn’t sure where video was going to lead me, but I knew it would be fun and I was ready for a change.”
  • Describe your job in 5 words: Video strategy and follow-up maven

  • The best part of the day: Brainstorming creative content topics that go “outside the box”

  • The worst part of the day: Waiting for files to download/upload

  • What’s one area where you’ve experienced career growth at Brafton? I’ve become a lot more active in terms of client strategy, and in general become more self-assured professionally.

  • In what ways has Brafton changed since you started? Can I say every way? When I started, Brafton was all about 200-word articles. Now we do everything. (Here are other things that have changed since then.)

Brafton teammate Sumit Sharma at #SMWF

Sumit at #SMWF

Sumit Sharma: Database Marketing > Social Associate > Social Manager
Sumit Sharma joined the Brafton team in 2011 as a database marketer, Sumit admits he had his eye on our social media team from the start. The industry’s constant changes presented a challenge he appreciates. After three years building clients’ strategies and training new hires, he is now leading the Social Media team (which recently evolved into the Promotions and Engagement Team). 
“When I started at Brafton I was able to shadow all the departments and see how they work,” Sumit said. “I felt pulled towards social from day one.”
  • Describe your job in 5 words:  Social Media Marketing Ninja

  • The best part of the day: Creating social media strategies and building brand identity on social for clients

  • The worst part of the day: Dealing with social media trolls

  • What’s one area where you’ve experienced career growth at Brafton? I have learned a lot, but the part I am most grateful for is the leadership skills I have learned from my seniors.

  • In what ways has Brafton changed since you started? We have changed a lot since I started in 2011. Our services are way more advanced, so we can meet client needs and withstand today’s competitive landscape. Social media is now called Promotions and Engagement team.

There are many different goals marketers want web content to fulfill.

Brendon in Brafton’s 12 Days of Content video.

Brendon Cottreau: Sales > Content Marketing Strategist > Lead Strategist
Brendon Cottreau came to Brafton with a mission. Sure, he applied for a position as a lead generation executive and later excelled on the sales team. But he knew he wanted to get a foot in the door at Brafton because it offered a compelling opportunity: he could gain experience in online marketing and work toward his true ambition of developing strategies for Brafton’s customers. 
“I even said in my first interview for the Lead Generation Executive position that my goal eventually would be to work with clients on developing successful strategies,” he explained.  ”I knew I didn’t have enough experience to manage a client portfolio, but I always had the interest and ambition.”
  • Describe your job in 5 words: Part creative director, part counselor

  • The best part of the day: Helping clients meet their online marketing goals

  • The worst part of the day: Sifting through a mountain of emails

  • What’s one area where you’ve experienced career growth at Brafton? Brafton has provided countless opportunities for me to turn my interests into career opportunities. I’ve been able to advance my expertise in a number of areas related to digital marketing and improve my leadership skills by working with others on the team to share the knowledge I’ve gained.

  • In what ways has Brafton changed since you started?  We’ve gone from a news agency to a full-fledged digital creative agency in the time I’ve been at Brafton, and I guarantee it will continue to change. That’s what makes it such a great place to work!  In the future, I can see us expanding into more expert consulting and digital campaign management. 

Molly Buccini is Brafton's community manager. She joined the team with a background in digital journalism and social media. She's a theatre nerd, pop culture junkie and lover of summertime.