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Content People: Screenwriting, Storytelling and Superheroes


As a filmmaker, comic writer and co-creator of “Halt and Catch Fire,” Christopher Cantwell brings heroes to life. Join Content People’s creator and host, Meredith Farley, as she learns how his impressive career got started.

Content People: Roses, Thorns, Buds and Questions


Jared Meyers, President of SIDO Innovation LLC, doesn’t just design products; he creates experiences. Chatting with Content People’s creator and host, Meredith Farley, Jared talks about why humans should be at the center of everything and what that means for products, strategies and even entrepreneurship.

Content People: Career Paths, Brand Strategies and the Secret To Good Sales


Kelli Corney has always let creativity be her guide. Along with Content People’s creator and host, Meredith Farley, Kelli talks about her career path, what she’s learned about being creative and why that approach is helping her inform brands and marketing strategies.

Content People: Networking, Creative Careers and the State of the Job Market


Chatting with Meredith Farley, Content People’s creator and host, Steve talks about networking, professional chemistry and other keys to success in a turbulent job market. He also discusses the future of creative careers and why symbiotic relationships are crucial.

Content People: YouTube, Creativity and Compulsive Honesty


Along with Meredith Farley, Content People’s creator and host, Caroline talks about what she calls “compulsive honesty.”

Content People: Research, Greek Mythology and The Power of Podcasts


Liv Albert is the creator and host of the podcast “Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!” Listen in to discover where myths and podcasts meet.

Content People: Leadership, Emotional Labor and The Truth About Quitting


Dina Denham Smith, founder and CEO of Cognitas, is more than just a coach. Chatting with host Meredith Farley, Dina discusses how to handle the ups and downs of leadership and why people are people (no matter the industry).

Content People: Careers, Communication and Finding Cheat Codes


Ellen Gillis, founder of Gillis Group, joins Meredith Farley to chat about careers, communication and coaching.

Content People: Management, Delegation and Monkey Problems


If you’re a manager who wonders why you’re working late nights and weekends while everyone else is off, this one is for you.