A blog writing service, or article writing service is something that many content marketing agencies offer, but fewer offer tailored or specialized copywriting to suit a specific need. Fewer still have a well-rounded service offering that excels in more than one area.

Cutting it close to a deadline and need written copy fast? What about something affordable but still of high quality? Or an agency that does a little bit of everything with a lotta-bit of results? There are more than a few options!

We’ll even make it easy on you by highlighting our top five blog writing services that you can hire today. Each one excels at something in their own unique way, so be sure that you make a choice that aligns with both your immediate and future needs. But don’t worry, we’re here to help make that decision a little bit easier.

Our Picks for Top 5 Blog Writing Services

Blog content is a big deal for many different reasons (more on that later). So it’s critical that you take advantage of a blog writing service that understands the importance of quality content, because it will ultimately shine through in the copy and drive its performance on the internet. Without any further ado, this is our list of some of the top blog writing services available today. Approach with optimism, something to take notes with and probably a cup of coffee. And read carefully!

1. Best Overall: Brafton Inc

When you’re not exactly sure what you need, you’re yenning for a little bit of everything or are simply looking for the most bang for your buck, you need a partner that can do it all. We know, we know — should we really be ranking ourselves best overall. But it’s not without reason! Our rockstar Editorial team, assisted by our stellar Project Management and Content Marketing Strategist staff, will ensure that you get the written content that you deserve. We wouldn’t be a top agency in the U.S., U,K. and Australia (and growing!) if that wasn’t the case.

With a team dynamic unlike any other, your projects are always assigned to a select group of stakeholders from our various core teams from conception to completion. You’ll never have to second-guess who’s looking after you, and you’re able to get answers to your questions immediately.

2. Analytic Animals: WebFX

WebFX is a digital marketing provider built on tech-enabled solutions that cater to your most pressing needs. With a team made up of award-winning professionals and over 40 in-house influencers to connect and build relationships with your audience on prominent websites, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more robust content marketing operation — with excellent written copy and SEO content to boot.

WebFX’s aptitude for analytics means the ability to deliver copy that gets results, period. The SEO and lead generation section of the company’s website outlines services that will help you achieve optimal results for your content. We’re talking things like:

  • SEO Services.
  • Enterprise SEO Services.
  • Local SEO Services.
  • Google Local Services Ads Management.
  • SEO Audits.
  • Page Speed & Core Web Vitals Optimization.

What a glorious list.

3. Speedsters: Express Writers

This agency didn’t choose the name Express Writers for nothing. Express Writers makes it easy to buy written content, and pledges to have completed original drafts back to you in a jiffy. That’s only two to three days for your more general content, and up to 10 days for authority content — not too shabby.

Plus, Express Writers’ “content shop” provides an excellent view of all its content writing services, with transparent pricing. The “quick order” feature adds even more speed to the process, as customers are able to order anything from a single social media post to multiple infographics in just a handful of clicks. Incredible!

4. Industry-Agile: Writing Studio

Writing Studio employs over 75 writers who have written across more than 50 different industries: from the big-time usuals like finance and health care to the nichest of niches such as appliance repair. There’s a solid chance that Writing Studio has a subject matter expert just waiting to whip you up some great copy, no matter the topic.

This agency’s industry page identifies 53 verticals that its writers can accurately cover, with an asterisked “other” bullet that alludes to even more subject matter that these blog wordsmiths are capable of writing about. If we assume that there’s one blog writer per subject, the Writing Studio slogan “You’re in capable hands” quickly becomes “You’re in 108 capable hands.” That’s a lot of hands!

5. Accessible and Affordable: Content Flip

Content Flip has a truly great pricing model that includes a seven-day free trial. You hear that? Seven days of free content from a great agency! Beyond that, bulk content purchases start at only $0.05 per word, which is borderline magic. If you’re a startup or working with a limited budget, Content Flip is a great option.

Accessibility is an understatement here, too. Content Flip’s process is as simple as submitting a topic with (very) brief details and waiting for a blog writer to research and produce it. It doesn’t get any more straightforward than that. Plus, Content Flip offers unlimited revisions to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your content. Did someone say unlimited revisions? Amazing.

Finding the Best Content Writing Service: What We Looked For

The truth is, there are a lot of great digital and content marketing agencies out there that offer a lot of great things. If you want the best of the best, it’s about finding a company that can do everything you need with quality at the top of mind.

But everything isn’t for everyone all of the time. We based our rankings in this post on companies who excel greatly in one notable way or another. That’s because everybody needs something different, and those needs fluctuate. So if you can find a company who can deliver exactly what you need on your terms, you have a greater chance at blasting light-eons ahead in your industry, leaving your competition in the space-dust.

We took into consideration overall price, turnaround time, approaches to SEO, accessibility and subject matter expertise. Each of our selections reflect one of these specialties in some way, which was hopefully made apparent (and fun) in the subheads that described each agency.

Of course, some people do need everything, all of the time. The benefits of finding a content marketing agency that can do it all — we’re talking design, video, written copy, SEO, social media, email, consulting, and more — is invaluable (wink-wink).

Can Blog Posts Really Drive Business? (Spoiler: Yes)

These days, content is king. It’s everywhere — and for good reason. Can you guess why? That’s right — because it works. Content of all types, not just the written word, is what drives business in the digital age. But well-written copy is often the backbone of most other forms of content, in one way or another. Whether it’s a script for a video or headers for designed assets, blog writers and copywriters have their piece of the pie in those deliverables. That makes it the constant amid the ever-evolving landscape that is content marketing.

Enough general-speak, though. Let’s dive into some specifics about how blogging can make an impact on your business.

The Benefits of Blogging and Constant Content

Pros are aplenty when you’re talking about routine blog posts (and we are). But what are some of the most noticeable — and valuable — things that constant content adds to your business?

It Drives Traffic to Your Website

A blog post is one of the best vehicles for implementing strong search engine optimization (SEO) practices, playing to Google’s algorithms and getting your website in front of more people’s faces. Keywords are like nectar to the search-engine gods, but there has to be a strategy to their use to ensure the effectiveness of a piece of SEO content. You can’t just stuff frequently Googled words in there willy-nilly and expect results. It takes some expert keyword research and clever implementation to make it worthwhile.

Plus, a bonus side effect of great SEO is increased brand awareness — which is integral to any business strategy. Generating leads and gaining new customers is made easier with superb SEO, and it all starts with a blog post.

You Can Repurpose the Content for Other Channels

Repurposing content isn’t lazy, it’s brainy … and it works. Blog content is written by talented writers, off the back of some great research, and they offer worthy insight into you, your services, business or other important industry goings-on. Letting such well-written copy sit and stagnate is counterintuitive. Use those wonderful words across channels by transforming them into other products, like videos, infographics, social media posts and more.

Surprise — another bonus side effect of repurposing content: It gives you the opportunity to employ an omnichannel marketing approach. Being present on popular and relevant social channels is a major key to success. Repurposing a blog post is an excellent place to start when developing new material to boost engagement on different platforms.

It Informs Your Audience and Builds Trust

There are few better ways to keep your audience informed and engaged than a well-crafted blog. Better still is a blog that encourages responses, is fun to read and maybe even includes other attention-grabbing (and -holding) aspects, like embedded videos or graphics.

Keeping up with your industry and following relevant topics via an insightful blog also helps position your brand as an expert in the field. When people see you as an expert or thought leader, you almost immediately become more trustworthy. And overtime, that trust will only grow stronger — so it’s best practice to start blogging as early as you can.

It Increases Your Shareability

Not everything is easily shared, but blogs are! And good content = shareable content. The more good content you produce, the more compelled people are to share it. This also plays into your business’s link-building strategy through tried-and-true techniques like backlinking. 

Backlinking is when someone else links to your website within their own. It’s a huge compliment and actually helps build up your trust by establishing what SEO professionals often call Domain Authority. As far as Google algorithms are concerned, backlinking is an enticing and delicious ingredient for SEO. The more backlinks other sites include of you, the more likely you’ll appear on page one. It’s all eyes on you!

It Provides Better Long-Term Results

Paid ads are a great way to boost visibility in the short term, but what about the long term? In most cases, ads are only relevant for a certain period of time, depending on what they’re showcasing. What then is the best way to drive long-term results? Maintaining a blog, of course.

A well-produced blog that heeds SEO best practices can reap dividends via major search engines time and again. And with quality content, staying relevant is easy. The hard part is getting started. Startups and small businesses are sometimes wary of starting on the content creation journey because the road seems daunting. Voilà, that’s where outsourcing your content creation comes into play. Reap the benefits of blogging and drive those long-term results without ever having to type a character yourself. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Picking Your Own Blog Writing Partner: Where To Start

Finding the right partner is the toughest part of the job. We can only hope that after you’ve identified a viable article writing service and got the ball rolling, things start to get easier. It should be easy from the get-go, though! Be sure to ask yourself some questions about what you’re after and why, and to analyze each of your options based on the answers to those questions.

Here are a few to get you started on your hunt to track down the perfect partner for content creation:

What’s the Overall Strategy?

Whatever its approach to copywriting may be, the agency you choose should have a strategy that aligns with what you believe is paramount in relation to your business goals. That could be turnaround time, customizability, level of interaction, volume of work and so on. What do they do the best, and does it match up with what you’re after?

Do They Have a Defined Approach to SEO?

We’ve stressed that SEO is necessary when it comes to blogging. If you want to reap the many potential benefits of said blog, you have to sprinkle it with a little bit of that algorithmic elixir. Every agency likely has a slightly different approach to this, so it’s worthwhile to read up on how each contender handles it. Then, make an informed decision based on what you think will be best for your business.

What Do Their Current Client Testimonials Look Like?

Testimonials should be easy to find and — you guessed it — testify to the quality of the work an agency provides. It may be bad news if a content marketer’s testimonials are few and far between, hard to find or seem to not exist altogether. If you’re trying to decide between a few different options, compare and contrast their testimonials. Which ones seem to line up with what you’d expect out of your experience with an agency?

In the end, it’s all up to you! But here at Brafton, we believe in a robust approach to not only copywriting, but content marketing as a whole. If making a choice between agencies based on niche differentiating factors seems tedious, then you might be inclined to pick one that can do it all, and do it well 😉.

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Chad Hetherington is a content writer at Brafton, based in Ontario, Canada. He likes to curate aesthetics, whether that be with words, clothes, or furniture. He does a lot of this in his head, though, because time is scant and money is finite. But words, those are free.