Rohn Dungee

When it comes to a content marketing strategy, blogging has always been a central focus. This year in particular, however, it seems that visuals have surged in importance, with 40 percent of marketers thinking they should invest more in this format.

This can be attributed to the fact that:

  • 95 percent of marketers say visuals are more effective than text-only content
  • 65 percent of the population identifies as “visual learners”
  • Attractive visuals increase audience willingness to read content by 80%

From a user experience perspective, no one wants to read a giant wall of text. Whether reading on a desktop or a mobile device, visuals easily break down paragraphs and make complex information easily digestible.

Here’s a look at where we’re providing custom illustrations within our clients’ blogs:

Branded Illustrations in Blog Example

The impact custom visuals can have on a blog: 225% more engagement

Success Story 1
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A staffing agency publishes articles by Brafton writers on its blog twice weekly. Although our client saw success with an initial strategy that didn’t include a visual element,  we wanted to make sure the visitors we were working hard to attract were engaging with the message – not just skimming the text and moving on to something else.

Once we began creating custom illustrations, we did an A/B test to compare the results of articles with and without the visual elements.

Articles with custom illustrations had:

  • 54% lower bounce rate & 58% lower exit rate
  • 225% longer visit durations
  • 156% more pages per visit
  • 6% higher conversion rate

DESIGN TIP: “Start with what you know”

Fuschia_Icon_GraphicsWhen you’re launching a visual strategy, you don’t have to start completely from scratch. Use your logo and your color palate as a nucleus for your visuals. When a logo hasn’t been pushed yet in a way that’s graphically engaging or dynamic, this can be a great way to incorporate new life into what you already have.

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