Eric Wendt

Not sold on the idea of interactive media? Video game developers might beg to differ to the tune of $99.6 billion in revenue during 2016 alone.

Content marketing certainly isn’t the same as the latest Triple-A first-person shooter, but the factors that drive video game success are equally applicable to interactive content. In short, being able to interact with media inherently boosts audience engagement, as individuals become participants instead of passive consumers.

Brafton has seen firsthand how an interactive approach to content marketing can provide huge return on investment. Meanwhile, data shows interactive content is increasingly in demand.

That’s why your brand should take a closer look at this emergent form of content marketing.

Deryk King, Director of Technical Services at Brafton, has spotlighted four prime examples of interactive media done right during 2016. Keep these top of mind heading into the new year.

Cross Me

When it comes to dating, “interactive” is the name of the game. So it makes sense that Japanese dating application Cross Me would double down on user engagement. The app’s highly interactive official website was even awarded “Website of the Day” by CSS Design Awards.

“During loading, the merging of the two sides and the count up of percentages is engaging and different,” King said. “Each panel is short and succinct, with items being interactive to at least provide a level of feedback (bubbles grow and even the background is draggable a few pixels), and even something as mundane as the cursor has been transformed to provide a unique browsing experience.”

Mondial de l’Automobile

The Paris Motor Show has been attracting millions of automobile fanatics for more than 100 years. Now, thanks to its interactive website, those who may not be able to board a jet to the City of Lights can still get a feel for the excitement.

“[The website] provides a great use of a 360-degree imagery to get you to interact with different aspects of the image and provide you with further info on the cars,” King said.

Cartoon Network Studios

Children and adults alike have helped make Cartoon Network a success. The cable and satellite television channel has made headlines in the past for unique, in-your-face marketing campaigns that appealed to both demographics. On the official Cartoon Network Studios website, the organization continues to think outside the box by integrating site navigation with interactive capabilities.

“[The website] takes their logo and transforms each letter into something interactive with animation,” King said. “Not all items are clickable, making the user search for the menu items (they are also all at the top in traditional style), but since each one provides some entertainment value, it represents a unique and fun interactive navigation.”


Proving that pretty much any form of online content can be interactive, Android has transformed the dreaded 404 screen into a game. Not being able to find what you’re looking for is usually cause for internet-user frustration. However, Android has turned this scenario into something users may even seek out.

“[This isn’t media so much as] an interactive 404 page that is a fun game to play as a result of a website error,” King said.

There’s a strong case to be made that interactive media is the future of content marketing. The question for businesses is what form this media will take for their brands. While many associate interactive media with online quizzes and the like, the above examples show there’s no end to creative ways to align content with audience engagement.