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It’s estimated that two-thirds of people are visual learners, which explains why infographics are such popular and successful marketing tools. This visual format has quickly matured from a fresh face on the internet scene to an MVP for online strategies, combining the appeal of images with the context of narratives.

Infographics tell stories through stats and illustrations rather than written words, whether through a heavily researched infographic or a graphic that breaks down a complex product. This visual content type catches eyes in search results, on social feeds and presents information in a way that’s easier to digest (the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.)

Sick of reading already? Allow our Senior Designer Annalise Ogle to explain why infographics both a crowd-pleaser and results-driver.

Why add infographics into your content marketing mix?
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Without saying custom graphics are a marketing cure-all, it’s worth mentioning how this versatile content type can move the needle on a number of business goals:

  • If you want to share data in a way that people can’t wait to read and share, consider infographics.
  • If you aim to produce content that earns links naturally, try infographics.
  • If you need to create collateral that will set you apart as a thought leader, use infographics.

These visual pieces are perfect for the web because they’re designed to be viewed and read digitally (i.e., They’re heavy on images and light on words). Internet users’ attention spans are shrinking as they consume more information online, and want it in byte-sized chunks.

At the same time, infographics can be printed and put on display at trade events or store fronts to draw more foot traffic.

Check out these 3 examples of how to create highly successful infographics:
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If you’re looking for a way to up the engagement factor, and share data in a way that people can’t help but click and share, infographics are the answer. Our in-house designers will give text-based research the attractive makeover it needs to command attention online or in person.

Have questions about what makes a great graphic? Leave a comment below to learn more from our infographics expert Annalise Ogle.

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