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Is there anything more transparent than stopping people on the street and asking them for their opinions? This candid research approach invites off-the-cuff answers that range from insightful to hilarious, which is why video street polls (or vox pops) are best known as segments in late-night TV talk shows. But, this format is also an effective way to drum up interest and appeal to wide audiences, which is why it’s the final feature in the #12Daysofcontent.

Vox pops are one of the best ways to find out how much people know (or don’t know) about certain subjects, such as products and services or industry hot-topics. By inviting consumers’ honest opinions, brands become relatable to novice and expert audiences alike.

To learn how to execute vox pops professionally, we interviewed Video Production Associate Zoe Arniotis.

Why use vox pops in your content marketing?

These attention-grabbing clips have the power to stop curious audiences in their tracks as they wait to hear what kind of answers passersby will provide. In addition to the entertainment factor, vox pops casually educate viewers about products or highlight the demand for your services, so you might consider them a gatehouse for information.

Plus, they’re relatable. When people tune into this kind of content, they see that there’s a broad interest in this topic and they might want to learn more. Once brands get the proverbial foot in door with vox pops, they can nurture fresh leads with educational materials that push them through the sales funnel.

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When want to get your target audience’s attention, you have to show them a little bit of personality. Our video production team helps entertain prospects and show them you’re not always out for a hard sell (you’re in it for a smart sell).

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