Molly Buccini

We don’t really have favorites with clients – we’re committed to content marketing results for all. And besides, with more than 700 customers, it’s difficult to look back at the year and think about our favorite content marketing campaigns. There are simply too many to choose from!

But we’ll admit it: There’s a special satisfaction if the campaigns that drive top results are also the ones our teams have an especially memorable time working on. I sat down with Brafton’s directors of video, graphics and editorial copy and forced them to narrow down the standout projects where our creative collaboration and results seemed exceptionally in sync.

All of these campaigns drove results that our customers loved – but they also had a special place in our teammates’ hearts.

Here are a few of our favorite campaigns this year, with insights directly from the creative teams behind the content:

Animations show off quirky side of PLM & Compliance Solutions

Company: Selerant
Industry: Software Management

Why we loved it: Experimenting with hybrid visual media really paid off.

There’s a common misconception that intricate or complex topics aren’t fun or explainable. Challenge accepted. Our video and design teams worked side by side on a combination of an infographic and an animated video. We were able to talk about PLM & compliance solutions using the concept of a rocket launch – a concept brought to life by our Director of Design Ken Boostrom and later taken on by ​Graphic Designer Sydney South.

“It helped when creating the graphics to know they would eventually be translated into an animation,” Sydney said. ​”It was a challenge creating a rocket launch game board set in space – that is a big metaphor for PLM Launch. It took a few iterations, but we nailed the layout so it fit the theme and made sense with how the viewer would read the animation. The​n the ​animators really took what I illustrated and ran with it​ to make it a story.”

In the end, we created hybrid visual content that engaged the intended audience and was a blast to work on.

Voxpops provide personal connection

Company: Prime Motor Group
Industry: Automotive

Why we loved it: Work was a party – quite literally.

audi play buttonWe were alongside Prime Motor Group at their Audi A3 launch party, to capture a real look at the people and products that make up the company. The result, a vox pop video was a glimpse into the party – what people thought of the new cars, and their previous experiences with brand. The atmosphere was 100 percent enjoyable for the people we caught on camera – and it came across that way for the ultimate viewers.

“A vox pop captures real people enjoying themselves in and around the car,” Video Producer John Hopkins said. “We also heard candid responses about the dealership’s customer service – it was a great way for them to show off their product and show off a little of their company culture.”

Emotional, inspiring stories come to the forefront through blog series

Company: Sorry folks, this one has a non-disclosure agreement – but they’re so happy with results, they still encouraged Brafton Writer Camryn to brag!
Industry: Events & entertainment

Why we loved it: Not selling can sell. (And we got to talk to performance artists.)

ballet brafton client exampleOur client in the events industry wanted to share a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the dance industry, which accounts for most of their ticket packages. This was the perfect opportunity to reach dancers and dance enthusiasts with human interest stories – whether they love Black Swan, A Chorus Line, Dance Moms or a little bit of each. This took the focus away from the company’s ticket vending – and even many of the events being promoted. Instead, our team created content about real-life, inspiring stories that go on behind the curtain. And wouldn’t a connection to the artist make you more inclined to see a show?

“This client and I brainstorm topic ideas together, and that collaborative spirit goes a long way toward producing optimal results,” News Writer Camryn Rabideau said. “I’ve also gotten to interview a few industry professionals, and they’ve all had such inspiring stories! Part of the reason I wanted to be a writer in the first place is to connect with different people and hear about their journeys, so the chance to do that with this client has been great.”