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Brendon Cottreau came to Brafton with a mission. Sure, he applied for a position as a lead generation executive and later excelled on the sales team. But he knew he wanted to get a foot in the door at Brafton because it offered a compelling opportunity: he could gain experience in online marketing and work toward his true ambition of developing strategies for Brafton’s customers.

“I even said in my first interview for the Lead Generation Executive position that my goal eventually would be to work with clients on developing successful strategies,” he explained.  “I knew I didn’t have enough experience to manage a client portfolio, but I always had the interest and ambition.”

Now a content marketing strategist in our Boston office, Brendon’s favorite aspect of his position is understanding how an audience interacts with a client’s website and how to make that experience better.

“Stealing Brendon from our sales team was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a manager,” Jim Kensicki said. “He’s a master at organization and detail, to a level that makes me a little jealous.”

Learn more about Brendon in our Brafton Q&A:

Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Much of my childhood revolved around sports, so I always dreamed of working in that industry in some capacity – first as an athletic trainer, then as a marketing and corporate sponsorships director

Q: What do you think is the most important quality you need to have for success?

Flexibility – we get a million and one challenges and opportunities thrown at us every day above and beyond what we’ve already planned.  Taking everything in stride and being able to constantly reprioritize is key to success.

Q: What do you value most in a job?

The opportunity to make an impact on key objectives and learn from colleagues with different strengths and areas of expertise.

Q: What is your most treasured possession?Brendon Cottreau photo (2)

My college ring.

Q: What personality trait are you always trying to improve?

My ability to meet new people and network.

Q: Which day of the work week are you the most productive?


Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Buying my first home.

Q: Have any “hidden talents” ?


Q: If Brafton were a TV show, which character – from any sitcom, drama or reality show (of any time period) – would represent you? 

Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo from NCIS.

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