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When Danielle Geoffroy joined Brafton as the first administrative assistant in our Boston headquarters, she knew she was positioning herself for a path of success. The question was: Which path would it be?

As an administrative assistant, Danielle’s role gave her the opportunity to work with nearly every Brafton department, an experience she said provided great insight into what her next steps would be.  Initially Danielle thought she might be interested in production and sales, but when when she got her first taste of client campaigning, tracking metrics and SEO on the operations team – she was hooked.

Now Danielle leads Brafton’s operations department, providing raw data for strategists, ensuring our in-house content management systems are running smoothly and acting as our developers’ right hand man.

“Danielle is definitely a Brafton success stories,” Vice President of Accounting and Finance Irene Manian said. Irene acted as Danielle’s first manager at Brafton, and was happy to see her transition into a role best suited to showcase her skill set.

“She has a very welcoming, accommodating personality that makes her ideal for managing and customer relations. She is very diligent, hard working and responsive.”

Learn more about Danielle in our Brafton Q&A: 

Ops and Social Media
Danielle’s Brafton teammates.

Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Well I believe my initial calling was to be an artist or ballerina.  I think it was in middle school when I realized I lacked the raw talent these fields demand.

Q: What do you think is the most important quality you need to have for success?

I think listening is a really important quality. Listening first, helps you to formulate your opinion and your understanding of things.

Q: What do you value most in a job?

I value the availability of the mentorship from management and peers. Having co workers who are willing to create learning environments in the workforce makes all the difference.

Q: What is your most treasured possession?

RoxyCan I say my dog? Does that qualify as a possession? If not, then the bedroom set my grandmother gave me when I was five. I still use it to this day!

Q: What personality trait are you always trying to improve?

Speaking slower, and enunciating more clearly. My grandfather has been asking me to do this for years!

Q: Which day of the work week are you the most productive?

Mondays! I usually come in with ideas from the weekend, and I spend the morning shooting off emails and getting work done to execute them.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of your job?

I really enjoy working closely with different departments at Brafton. Having a better understanding of what your coworkers do helps you be better at your job.

Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I am slowly learning how to cook, and actually enjoying it as well. In college, I pretty much alternated between scrambled eggs and cereal for dinner – so really anything was a  great improvement from that!

Q: Have any “hidden talents” ?

Well I can do the worm, but I haven’t tried in a few years. I imagine its like riding a bike, though.

Q: If Brafton were a TV show, which character – from any sitcom, drama or reality show (of any time period) – would represent you?

I really like Giuliana Rancic, the host of E! News. Can we make a parallel between a celebrity news show, and working at a Content agency born out of a newsroom?


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