Meagan Parrish

YouTube adds another dimension to your brand’s social media marketing efforts, but your social video content needs calls to action. Your Channel should be optimized just like any other brand Page or website. There are three main areas where you can equip your YouTube Channel with CTAs to direct your viewers to perform actions that will further build your audience and engagement. 

The first place for a CTA is the About section on your brand’s Page Channel. This is a chance ask new and returning visitors to promote your Channel. Include CTAs that tell viewers to subscribe or share your content or Channel, which will increase visibility.

The second place for a call to action is within each video’s content description. Encourage viewers to further connect with your brand about the topics they’re watching. Use this section to link to relevant site pages with more information. Add links to playlists, social media links or relevant visual media.

A third place for CTAs is within the actual video content. A video presenter or narrator can give scripted directives to encourage site transactions or engagement. Include these at the beginning, middle or even at the end of the video.

Use annotations to encourage viewers to Like, share or comment on your videos.

CTAs tell viewers what to do while watching your video content and how to respond to what they see. What kind of CTAs have helped you encourage engagement on your Channel? Tell us in the comments section below.