Molly Buccini

Call her Wunder Woman of Content. Sarah Wunder can write. She has an extensive background in both news journalism and marketing. Sarah Wunder knows branding – and she’s executed strategies for big names like Lowe’s, United Healthcare and Wells Fargo.

It’s that dynamic combination of hard news reporting and strategic acumen that made her an excellent candidate for our newest Senior Director of Content – and we’re excited to have her leadership in our Chicago office.

“Sarah’s approach and business acumen will be instrumental in bringing the Chicago office to the next level as it sets to grow in 2015,” Vice President of Content Francis Ma said. “PLUS she has embraced the idea of entering a world of puns and GIFs with our production and creative teams, which is right in line with our culture.”

With an award winning journalism career alongside several years of agency life managing content strategies in her back pocket, one might assume Sarah had mapped out her journalism career from an early age. But, admits it was a passion she discovered by accident.

As a high school student in the suburbs of Chicago, she stumbled upon a journalism class – admitting it was an elective she wasn’t sure she had any interest in. But she made an impression on her teacher and found that she picked up writing style and reporting techniques quickly. It all clicked when she went to the University of Missouri, deciding to major in both English and magazine journalism.

From there, her road to Brafton has included reporting careers in New York – where she was recognized for excellence by the New York Press Association – and later to Chicago, where she successfully managed a series of B2B magazine publications and spent seven years directing content in an agency setting.

We’re thrilled to have her new chapter beginning at Brafton. Here’s a little more about Sarah, her favorite types of web content and her goals for our Chicago office:

What in your opinion makes good web content?

Something that’s sharable. Something that makes you want to continue reading. Something that’s worth your time.

What’s your favorite style of writing on the web? Any websites you’re always reading?

“I rarely go to websites anymore! It’s all about distribution for me. However it comes to me is usually how I’m consuming it.”

I like short and quick. I read a lot of email content – other than the standard news like the Chicago Tribune – or through social. I rarely go to websites anymore! It’s all about distribution for me. However it comes to me is usually how I’m consuming it.

What types of written content do you think businesses are underutilizing?

There’s not enough content that does a good job of storytelling – that gives people a sense of what the brand is about. There’s a lot of sales content out there and no one wants to read that. People want to get a feel for what your brand is like. It’s a little bit of thought leadership and especially in B2B, things that make your services relatable and easy to see how that could benefit your particular need.

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How would you describe your management techniques?

I’m pretty laid back and I’m kind of hands off. I want to give people opportunities to try things – and then come to me when they hit a roadblock – instead of telling everyone what to do right away. I think the other thing that I find really important is being an advocate for your team. I’m always taking their side. It’s my job to make your job easier – that’s the biggest thing I want to make sure I do.

What are you most excited about with Brafton?

Learning about a very different sales cycle and client management style. Managing the team and seeing the Chicago office is going to be really interesting – I’m looking getting to know everyone better.