Molly Buccini

A content marketing strategist’s workday isn’t your typical scenario. Where in some positions you learn the ropes and (hopefully) begin to excel at your job, a strategist always has to be prepared for the next major web development to change everything he once thought he knew.

On the flip side, the knowledge that a strategist gains on the job is unparalleled. As our Lead Strategist Jeff Baker put it, “Being a strategist is like being on football time. Sure, you might have only been on the field for 60 minutes, but 180 minutes worth of things have happened.”

We asked our strategists in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco, to share some of the key characteristics of being a strategist (and of course, to add an accompanying GIF). Here’s what they had to say:

When you wake up in the middle of the night, worrying if your client gated that new white paper we just created for them. Sonny Sharp

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When you get excited that your client implements every integration best practice that you tell them. Michael Bratschi

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When you explain what SEO is to your family multiple times and your grandmother tells everyone that her “granddaughter works at the Google.”  Lori Kirk


When your heart races while you log into your client’s Analytics account to segment out that new type of content you advised, for your first ROI analysis. Marissa Almeida

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When you know your client’s WordPress login better than your anniversary. Brendon Coutreau

 aubrey plaza animated GIF

You know you’re a content marketing strategist when your list of ‘to-dos’ for the week is longer than your grocery list for the month. Yet somehow.. you still manage to get it all done on time.  Sara Berke

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When you are browsing a website on the weekend and start critiquing its user experience. Tiffany Schreiber

When you can spot the difference between a real content strategy and a cleverly disguised advertising campaign.  Lori Kirk

When you work so much that you don’t notice your boyfriend has grown a ponytail and has a tarantula collection. Casey Brusch

When your calendar looks like this:

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-Corbin Farber

When you write emails like:

….and if your client doesn’t gate their whitepaper you’re like…

…and when they finally gate their whitepaper you’re like….

 – Colin Campbell