Kimberly Mehrtens

As summer quickly approaches, it’s time to put a spotlight on the heart of Brafton: Our amazing teams!

From Editorial to Project Management to Social, our teams are the rowers that keep this marketing boat en route to success. So why not shout out their wins along the way?

It’s not easy keeping up with numerous clients, but somehow our Brafton staff manage to meet — and exceed — deadlines and expectations each month of the year. Keep reading and join us in celebrating June’s latest news.

Get Excited to Meet Our Newest Teammates

Brafton is always looking for passionate and innovative professionals to add to our ranks and this month was no exception with 8 new hires across the U.S., Canada, Jamaica and U.K.!

Welcome to the Editorial team:

  • Kimberley Falk (Kingston, Ontario, Canada): With an educational background in professional writing, law, real estate and finance, Kimberley is excited to write for Brafton’s clients in those areas — and others. Specifically, she loves writing about business startups and technology. In her free time, she spends time with her son, works on personal writing projects and practices reiki and kundalini yoga.
  • Tom Goulding (Portland, Oregon, U.S.): Ready to debate Better Call Saul vs. Breaking Bad? Tom’s your guy! Beyond writing, Tom loves video games and is open to any recommendations from his team or clients. Beyond that, he follows the NBA closely as a Trailblazers fan.
  • Chad Hetherington (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada): Armed with precious agency experience, Chad is a pro in writing about topics ranging from network security and real estate to startup news. However, when he’s not writing for Brafton, he’s penning verses as a newly inspired poet. He also loves sustainability and thrift shopping when he’s not creating content.
  • Alex Johnson (Ottawa, Canada): With a past in content writing and general marketing for tech firms, Alex Johnson is a great addition to the Editorial team. He’s also worked part-time at a high-end Italian deli, so if you have any questions about cheese and meats, you know who to reach.

Welcome to the Project Management team:

  • Taribba do Nascimento (Ajax, Ontario, Canada): If you’re a fan of the Netflix Series “Restaurants on the Edge” you may be familiar with Taribba. She was actually featured in Season 1 Episode 6. What a small world!
  • Ashleigh Gardner (Jamaica): Outside of work, Ashleigh is committed to keeping a tidy home — even taking a lint roller to her bed sometimes. This attention to detail will be a great asset to her Brafton peers and clients.
  • Kathryn Rossiter (Surrey, U.K.): Originally from South Africa, Kathryn is currently based in the U.K. with her two kids and a friendly Tonkinese cat (keep an eye out for her on video calls!). She loves traveling, doing yoga and looks forward to connecting with her team and clients online.

Get Inspired: June’s Wins

This has been a full month of wins across the Editorial, Project Management and Social teams, and here are some highlights that really show the dedication our staff bring to their projects.

Editorial: Sam Finley

You may think water filtration is a dry subject (see what we did there?), but with Content Writer Sam Finley that’s definitely not the case! With multiple blogs under her wing (and many more in the works), Sam has become an expert in hydration. On one of her latest blogs, our client, Quench, had 0 edits and left a single comment that we couldn’t agree with more: 

“This blog is AWESOME! Really great job!” 

Project Management: Sarah Wojcik

Keeping up with client deadlines and ongoing projects can be a difficult task, but Sarah Wojcik is more than up for the job. Recently, our client, Integrate, went out of their way to share the following feedback regarding her work with them: 

“Thank you for being patient with our review timeline on projects. I really appreciate the communications you and your team have been sending over to us every week. I feel like I’m 100% informed about what’s going on on your end and what due dates are incoming well ahead of time. Great job on that!”

Social: Isaac Norris

In today’s digitized world, social media is the backbone of online marketing — and we’re thrilled to have Isaac Norris helping our clients thrive. On a recent call with our client, Hatfield, the main contact complimented Isaac’s dedicated work and posts on their social media accounts:

“We love how clean, beautiful and elevated our social has become!”

Get Onboard: We’re Hiring

Are you ready to kickstart a career you love creating content with other hard-working and passionate individuals? If that sounds like you, Brafton might be a perfect fit!

Check out our current job openings here.