Chad Hetherington

For Samantha, creative writing has always been the name of the game. So, to achieve a career that played to her strengths, she danced on over to the University of Texas at Austin to major in Advertising. Not only that, but while there she made sure to build a backup plan for herself to guarantee success, no matter what.

That meant minoring in Media and Entertainment as well as snatching up a certificate in Business Foundations to “cover all her bases.” And even though that’s a lot to put on your plate, she says, and I quote: “I loved every second of it.”

From Internship to Accomplished Professional

From college to career, her pen carried her through Branding Strategist internships and freelance work where she got to flex her creative muscles for clients in the entertainment industry.

Alas, her pen kept moving, and writing and scribbling until it scrawled a line across the arm of a Brafton recruiter (figuratively speaking, of course) who immediately noticed her potential and reached out for an interview. That’s right, folks: Samantha was scouted. Just a little testament to her talent.

“When I was job searching, I was actually connected to Brafton through a recruiter,” she says. “She felt I would be a good match for the open Content Writer role. After making my way through a couple of interview rounds to ensure I would be a good fit for the team and the company would be a good fit for me, I was eventually offered a position and the rest is history!”

A Brafton Legacy in the Making

Samantha’s Brafton legacy is still unfolding. What started as an entry-level Content Writer role blossomed into a Senior Writer position where Samantha takes on more responsibilities and clients, and writes for various marketing channels. She never slows down, and for her, that’s a good thing.

“You’re pretty much never bored,” she says when describing what it’s like to work at Brafton. “I’m always learning new things and improving my writing skills, so it’s a win-win-win (for me, Brafton and our clients) at the end of the day!”

Brafton’s structure is a win for Samantha, too, who appreciates the opportunity to work 100% remotely. “This type of workplace flexibility was something I was looking for in my initial job search, and I think Brafton has found a setup that really works well and supports a diverse group of workers from all over the world!”

Such flexibility has allowed her to make a rather large move from Texas to New York, which is something she’s always dreamed of doing.

Quote: "You're pretty much never bored. I'm always learning new things and improving my skills".

Keepin’ Things Movin’ After Hours

Enough about work … unless work means dancing. And for Samantha, it does. Before becoming an invaluable asset to Brafton’s editorial department, she got paid to move. “I spent my days writing and my nights dancing, which isn’t far off from how I spend my time these days,” she says about her time before Brafton. “I was working as a choreographer for a couple of dance studios in Texas, teaching new hip-hop routines every week.”

Needless to say, Samantha is always trying to make the most of her creative pursuits.

As for a new New Yorker with the city as her oyster, Samantha says, “I’m lucky enough to be able to walk, run or explore to my heart’s content at the end of the day.” And so she does, unwinding from the workday by waltzing the streets of NY to a soundtrack comprised of her current musical obsessions. Lately? Blondie and Donna Summer, to which Samantha admits she’s “aware they’re completely unrelated.”

Beach Days and Sunrays

Now I ask you, reader, to picture your perfect day. Does it involve a beach? Well, you can meet Samantha there. “Life is hectic, so my dream is always a relaxing day at the beach. How can you not love the beach? If there’s an opportunity to lay in the sun and listen to the sound of the ocean for hours, I’m in.”

She admits that living in Texas and then New York has, in some ways, stuffed that dream into a pipe. However, she’s committed to the water, waves and sunshine as much as she can be. “I make my way to the water whenever I can!”

Brava, Samantha. Brafton is a better, more interesting content marketing agency because of you!