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From Southampton, England, to Sydney, Australia, content strategist all the way up to director of customer experience, Brafton’s Kayleigh Kent has seen it all in the wide world of content marketing.

As Director of Customer Experience, Kayleigh is the engine behind much of Brafton’s Australia team’s strategy. Embodying Brafton’s high-paced, energetic spirit, Kayleigh is always on the move.

Whether it’s jumping between client meetings or conducting keyword research, her No. 1 priority is making sure clients’ needs are met and that they have the optimal customer experience.

A day in the life

Kayleigh helps support a small team of talented strategists and account directors by helping to deliver the best strategies, ROI and, of course, overall customer experience. She also oversees a large portfolio of her own clients, working as their dedicated day-to-day content marketing strategist to help them achieve their aims and bring their content ideas to life.

Kayleigh gets an early-morning start every day and immediately hits the ground running. Typically logging on around 7 a.m., “I am online early to fire off emails and squeeze in a few internal meetings with the U.S. team before their day closes out,” she said.

From there, Kayleigh is in and out of meetings for most of the day.

“The rest of my day is typically meeting-heavy and involves anything from kicking-off new clients, campaign discovery sessions, presenting ROI reports and day-to-day WIP meetings,” she said.

And when she’s not in meetings, she’s typically working on a variety of strategy-related tasks for her clients, including things like keyword research, campaign ideation and reporting.

A rewarding work culture

“Anyone that is familiar with agency life will know that it’s not easy,” Kayleigh said. “It’s a fast-paced environment with a lot of competing priorities and time pressures. No one day is the same, and I’m never clock-watching. It’s all go, go, go.”

Agency life can be challenging, but it’s not without its many rewards. For Kayleigh, one of the best things about working at an agency is having the opportunity to work with different businesses on a variety of project types, all of which keep life at Brafton fresh and interesting.

“I work with experts from every corner of digital marketing, which allows me to learn new things each and every week,” Kayleigh said.

“I work with experts from every corner of digital marketing, which allows me to learn new things each and every week.”

Most importantly, the unique assets associated with Brafton help Kayleigh find fulfillment in her role and power her forward. She values the full autonomy she has in her role, a strong management team that helps support her and a team of talented individuals around her that truly care about producing the best experience for their clients.

The journey to Brafton

Before entering the content marketing world, Kayleigh’s passion was journalism and writing. For her undergraduate schooling, she attended Southampton Solent University in the seaside city of Southampton, England, where she studied magazine journalism and feature writing.

But a career in journalism just wasn’t meant to be.

“On reflection, I think I was born 30 years too late to work in what was (in my eyes) a dream industry!” she said.

Instead, upon graduation, Kayleigh worked in hospitality and juggled a variety of different marketing internships on the side. That experience gave her her first real taste of marketing life.

After some time, Kayleigh chose to make the leap. She traded one island for another and moved from her native England to the other side of the world, settling in Australia. She found a home in Sydney, where she joined Castleford Content Marketing as a content strategist. From there, it was only up: She took on a role as account director in 2018, where she stayed until Castleford was acquired by Brafton in 2020. She was promoted to her current position last October.

Life outside Brafton

Kayleigh laughs when she says she doesn’t think she has any strange or interesting talents, but don’t be fooled: She leads a robust social life and takes full advantage of Australia’s diverse cultural and food scene and, of course, its world-renowned outdoor wildlife.

“My favorite thing to do after a busy week at work is to go for a swim in the ocean, but only in the warmer months! I usually spend my weekends hanging out with friends, brunching, exploring national parks and going for a long coastal walk.”

There’s no doubt that Kayleigh combines a unique blend of fun and outdoorsiness with high-powered content marketing director. Her career at Brafton is founded on her ambitious, energetic spirit, and it will continue to serve her as she continues to drive her client relationships forward.