Kimberly Mehrtens

At Brafton, Amanda Ciarci spends her time coordinating with her team of writers, scheduling numerous new projects and keeping overlapping deadlines on pace as Editorial Manager — all while staying cool, calm and collected.

With roots in marketing, Amanda is no stranger to juggling multiple projects at once. In fact, she originally achieved a double major in Marketing and Media from Bentley University, which is renowned for its business programs. However, by her senior year, she discovered a love for public relations classes, which led to her passion and voice in writing. “Suddenly, everything clicked. I guess you could say the rest is history,” she laughs.

Finding Her Path to Editorial

Amanda has always been highly motivated when it comes to helping brands succeed. At Bentley University, she was able to do hands-on work with real-world businesses to help their marketing efforts. 

From creating a new branding campaign for a local tortilla chip brand to a semester working with one of her all-time favorite sneaker brands (“Hint: you can see their HQ from I-90 in Boston!” Amanda shares), she realized where her strengths really fell: digging into what made brands tick and discovering fun ways to share that voice with the world.

After graduation, Amanda worked at a local social media and digital marketing company. Specifically, she had the opportunity to work with small businesses that didn’t have access to the same resources as some bigger players in the industry. With this company, she could hone her marketing and creative skills to drive success and growth for clients.

However, when COVID-19 first hit, Amanda began looking for a new opportunity on LinkedIn, which is what first introduced her to Brafton.

“When I found the job description and dug into more about Brafton,” says Amanda. “It sounded like someone had handcrafted the role for me.

Making Waves at Brafton

Amanda is a powerhouse at Brafton. First joining as a content writer in 2020, she quickly excelled as an efficient and high-quality writer. She notes that she’s always had the drive to be working on something — anything! — instead of sitting in one place.

“I love working for Brafton,” says Amanda. “I’ve always been someone who can’t sit still, so working in an agency with so many creative people to collaborate with is a dream come true.”

From the editorial side, this is a stroke of luck — after all, there’s always more work to be done and blogs to edit. Brafton works with a broad range of clients, which made her initial position as a writer all the more exciting for day-to-day variety.

“When I was a writer, I could be talking to cloud security experts, cooking up ideas for a pork company’s blog and editing a peer’s piece on cryptocurrency all in the same day,” she shares. 

In early 2022, Amanda’s great work led her to her current position as Editorial Manager (and resident problem solver). Thankfully, Brafton is still just as exciting to her now as it was for her as a writer.

“As a manager, it’s still as versatile, just from a more behind-the-scenes perspective,” she says. “In my current role, I really enjoy having the opportunity to help writers grow and develop even greater content for our clients.”

Life Outside the 9 to 5

When Amanda’s not just a high achiever in the office — she’s also a reading superstar in her free time! In 2021, she made a promise to herself to complete her annual reading challenge: Read more than 100 books per year. 

She achieved this goal then and is on track to do the same in 2022.

“Ever since I was a kid, something about unplugging and spending the day tucked away in a good book has always brought me joy,” says Amanda. “Although I’m a sucker for a good work of fiction, I’ve found that just seeing how other writers use their voices to build a story has been incredibly helpful for our work as well. I’m always looking for new book recommendations — I’ll read just about anything I can get my hands on!”

When she’s not reading, she’s scoping out her next concert to attend. Up next on her list is MARINA, though she notes concerts may pop up between now and then. Music is a passion she finds just as exciting as reading and writing.

“Similar to books, something about sliding on a pair of headphones and being able to get lost in what I’m doing is something I’ve come to really value,” she says. “Especially when the day gets crazy.”

And by her side through the work day and after? Her cat Stella. If you’re lucky enough to work with Amanda, you might even get to meet her (and Amanda) through a video meeting one day.