Ashlee Sierra

As creators, marketers, storytellers and members of a global society, consuming information is a huge part of our everyday lives. But what can happen when we put down the phones, switch off the screens and let inspiration find us instead of the other way around?

That’s part of what makes Ramiro Gonzalez, Director of Sales and Account Management here at Brafton, consistently able to “pass the vibe check.” Here’s how he does it!

Life in the Fast Lane (Sort Of)

Growing up, Ramiro says he was the “typical kid” who wanted to be an astronaut or a race car driver. His interests in moving fast and shooting for the stars didn’t land him in the literal fast lane, but they’ve taken him pretty far in his career.

“I’ve always been involved in sales and marketing somehow,” he says. “As a kid, I was constantly selling things. I’d buy skateboarding stuff and resell it at a profit. Then, as a bartender and server, I was still doing some kind of selling.” 

After selling skateboards and snacks, Ramiro jumped into the fashion scene. He started a local clothing company, complete with a website, graphics, distributor relationships and more. Once again, his aptitude for sales and marketing was front and center. “I don’t give up. I question absolutely everything, and I don’t take no for an answer.”

Next, Ramiro moved into the digital marketing space as a freelancer. He worked with companies in his home state of Florida, sharpening his skills and building his community at the same time. 

Everything was going great — and then COVID-19 changed the world.

“Most of my clients were small local businesses heavily impacted by the pandemic,” says Ramiro. “It was pretty tough. I rode it out for a while, but at some point, I figured I could transfer my skills.”

Lucky for us, the metaphorical fast lane brought him here to Brafton. He started in November 2021 as a Sales Development Representative. Within 2 weeks, he was promoted to Director of Sales and Account Management — and now he’s an integral part of our team.

Same Skills, Bigger Stories

Ramiro’s background as a freelance marketer and entrepreneur made him creative, determined and confident that he could get things done on his own (If you’re a creator of any kind, you can probably relate.) But now that he’s at Brafton, he says he’s far more comfortable depending on a team of smart, talented co-workers. 

He says he’s thrilled to be working with talented individuals across different areas of expertise. “The continuous education factor is something I really appreciate.” Here’s what he has to say about just a few teams here at Brafton:

  • Editorial: “I take a lot from copywriters. Copy that sells and resonates with people — that’s an invaluable skill that sets a lot of creatives apart.”
  • Design: “I’m learning just how important user experience really is in terms of standing out. We’re always trying to provide the best experience for our clients.”
  • Strategy: “I love seeing how Content Management Strategists manage accounts and keep our clients happy.”

Before Brafton, Ramiro says he had to learn everything on his own. Now, we’ve all got his back — and he has ours.

“Coming here to learn, get some structure, center myself — it’s been one of the most important things in my professional development.” In fact, this is his first corporate job — and he’s seen it as both a rich experience and an incredible opportunity to grow in new ways.

For example, he’s particularly proud of hitting big goals and closing hefty deals in just two years with the company. Even when one large client wanted to ensure that we “passed the vibe check” before signing, Ramiro says he had no trouble uniting Brafton creatives to build what he calls “an awesome team.”

“We work for amazing people and do even more amazing stuff for them. I love working at this forward-thinking company that gives me the opportunity to continue growing within my life journey.” 

His favorite part of the job — other than his incredible co-workers, of course — is getting notifications about new case studies covering Brafton’s work. It’s like a written verification that we do indeed pass the vibe check. “It shows the great work our team is capable of.”

And as for his childhood dreams — well, those are never too far away. While he may not be behind the wheel of a real race car, Ramrio says he’s always “racing around to get deals done, especially at the end of the quarter.” Fortunately, he always crosses the finish line in record time.

The Vibe Check of Life

Ramiro doesn’t just excel at work — he’s a star in his personal life, too. In fact, he’s on an ongoing mission to continue becoming the best person he can be.

Aside from traveling to Costa Rica, Peru, Columbia and plenty of other incredible places, he enjoys exercising, meditating and spending time with his girlfriend and their pets. It’s all in pursuit of self-development — “making sure my mental, physical and spiritual health are in line.”

How does he do it? Well, a lot of it has to do with stillness — an interesting concept for a travel fan and potential race car driver. 

“I was in Columbia for 9 days and barely had my phone out,” he says. “It really made me appreciate stillness and not having to consume information.” He brought the habit home with him, and now he limits social media usage, cutting his average screen time from about 6.5 hours to under 2 per day. “It feels really good! I can see it making a big impact on my work — I can focus so much more.”

This deep focus gives him the opportunity to reach out and grab “something that most people don’t find.” He’s using the stillness to expand his knowledge base, continue learning and — yes — pass the vibe check in his personal life.

Bonus: If you were a piece of marketing material, what would you be?

“Without a doubt, a podcast — about what, I don’t know, but I love a good conversation. Plus, I have a lot to say all the time!”